WordPress Websites | The Best CMS For Many Businesses

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wordpress kansas cityIf you need a new web site for your business or your blog, the most popular content management system these days is WordPress (source). There are a variety of reasons why this free software is being used so frequently.

First and most important, WordPress is easy to use. Your website’s text content can easily updated by logging in to the ‘back-end” of your website. No need to wait for a web designer or developer to get back to you when you only want to make simple corrections or updates. You can also easily make blog post and create new pages on your website. The software is so user friendly that no HTML coding or knowledge is needed to make updates, although HTML can be used to further customize your website. WordPress is web based so your updates can be done anywhere from any computer.

WordPress is also SEO-friendly. If the main point of your website or blog is to reach new customers, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical. In general, WordPress sites rank well on Google and other search engines. It’s easy to create and share content, which is a fundamental component of link building. When you combine your website with an active blogging strategy, your SEO rankings are bound to improve. There are many ways to integrate your WorPress site with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social media networks. You can also embed add audio or video with YouTube or Vimeo to further drive users to your site. In general, the more users and relevant and quality links to your site, the better your SEO performance.

Another reason WordPress is a great CMS is due to its development support. Because Word Press is free, open source and so popular and easy to use, new designs and plug-ins are being developed all the time. It’s easy to find plug-ins to enhance the features of your website. There are many support websites for the less technically savvy folks that need help. Many website designers are using Word Press these days because of its power and versatility. The set-up can be done by the professional WordPress web designers, allowing the website owner to make the minor changes or post their own blogs as needed.

If you need a new website or want to re-design an existing site, Kansas City Website Design can develop a Word Press site for you that will allow you to post blogs, make simple content changes and increase your SEO dramatically. Contact us for ways to increase your business and traffic to your site via Word Press.