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Why I Started This Podcast

Check out this 5 minute introductory podcast:

Note to Guests

If you have been invited to be a guest on the show, congrats!  Be sure to:

  • Listen to the 5 min intro podcast above – it will tell you everything you need to know about the interview flow
  • Provide a 3-5 sentence bio that we can read at the top of the show
  • Send us a high enough resolution head-shot so that we can crop a 750 x 750 square image.


  • Your episode will be broadcast on iTunes and Stitcher and other podcast channels
  • You will get a custom episode graphic to share on social media
  • Your episode will be shared in all our social media channels, and some of our partners’ social media channel
  • Your episode with have a custom shows notes page with a complete transcription and links to your website(s) and social media channels
  • You will get a special surprise gift mailed to your office


This first episode is an introduction for listeners and subscribers so you will know what this show is about, and also to help prepare upcoming guests as to the interview flow and the types of questions we’ll be asking.

First, this is an interview style podcast that runs about 20 minutes per show.  But this introductory first episode is going to be short and sweet, maybe only five or ten minutes long.

We will interview successful entrepreneurs and marketing experts in specific niches or with expertise with specific marketing tactics.

The purpose of this podcast is to tap into the minds of successful entrepreneurs and try and gain some insight and inspiration into how they have been able to achieve their success.

Podcast Guest Expectations

The other main purpose of this show is to ask entrepreneurs and successful marketers what marketing activities and investments they are making that are working today.   This could be anything like trade shows, TV, radio, print, event marketing, Social Media, SEO, AdWords or pay-per-click, cold-calling – and how you’re doing it or doing it differently that makes it effective.

We also like to bring the discussion to the local level.  How can your success help a local business?  Even if you have a national or global customer bases, how are you involved in your local community or communities where you have a physical presence?

For fun, we also like to ask what are your favorite things about the city you are in.  What 2 or 3 places or, businesses or restaurants would you recommend to a first-time visitor?

We always start off by reading a short bio of the guest.  If you are going to be a guest on Local Business Leaders, you can send me your bio and we will likely read it at the start of the show as an ice-breaker.

I’ve been on over 50 podcasts in the last year as a guest expert.  I am going to read mine as an example:

Phil Singleton is a web designer, an SEO expert and an award-winning author.   Since 2005, Phil has owned and operated a digital agency based in Kansas City.   In 2016, Phil and John Jantsch, of Duct Tape Marketing, co-wrote, SEO for Growth: The Ultimate Guide for Marketers, Web Designers & Entrepreneurs.  SEO for Growth is an Amazon bestseller and has been listed as a top marketing book by Mashable, Oracle and The Huffington Post. It’s also been featured on MSNBC, Entrepreneur and Search Engine Journal, and was named by Forbes as the #1 SEO book on its list of “Essential SEO Books for Every Startup to Read”.   Phil is also the author of a popular WordPress SEO plugin that has been downloaded over 100,000 times in the last year.  Phil’s latest startup venture, Podcast Bookers, is a service that helps marketers and executives get booked on established podcasts as way to develop authority, personal branding, improve Google search engine optimization, and most importantly, generate new leads and sales.

Here are a few questions we typically ask our guests:

  1. Briefly tell us about your journey, from those first steps out of high school or college and into the real world and the path to how you got here today?
  2. What struggles have you had as an entrepreneur and how have they helped shape your business?
  3. In terms of marketing or growing your business, what kinds of marketing strategies or tactics are helping you generate quality leads from ideal customers?

The $10,000 Dollar Question

The 10,000 question:  If you woke up tomorrow with no business or contacts, and only a laptop, a phone and $10,000, what would you start doing to rebuild what you have today?

At the end of every show, we always ask our guests what they are promoting, such as a special offer, or a book, any kind of freebie or discount that may be available, and if nothing else, we always as guest where we can find them online, such and their business website or websites, and where they are most active on social media.

Thanks for listening to the Local Business Leaders podcast.  We hope you will benefit from this podcast and it will inspire you to take action in a way that help you grow your business.

And if you feel you are a good fit for our show, or know of anyone that would be a good fit (business book authors, niche marketers and successful business owners) please let us know.