Why Google Loves Your Company’s Blog

seo bloggingCompanies that have a blog tend to reach a much higher level of success online than those that do not. Why? There are several reasons – and perhaps the biggest benefit to your company is the impact that a blog can have on your overall SEO strategy. Considering that today the internet is a highly competitive landscape for virtually every industry, it’s easy to sink to the bottom of the search results if you’re not on top of your game.

If blogging isn’t currently a component of your overall SEO strategy, it should be. Here’s why:

  • Search engines LOVE fresh content. Think of a “static” website with pages that for the most part stay the same (home page, product pages, about us page, etc.). What is there for returning visitors to see that they haven’t seen before? Nothing. Your visitors love fresh content, and search engines love it as well. When you continually update your blog with original, relevant content, those little search engine “crawlers” will keep coming back for more. Using your key search terms and phrases correctly helps attract even more targeted traffic as well.
  • Blogs make SEO easier. For many people, SEO is a process that can sound technical or difficult, even intimidating. Blogging makes it much easier, as you can include your keyword or search terms in the post’s title, link to other posts on your blog using keyword-rich anchor text, and apply tags to your posts. Tags, which are simply terms that reflect the content or topic of your posts, can help Google understand what your content is about, and subsequently rank your site for those terms.
  • Ordinary people don’t have to be SEO “experts” to enhance their company’s visibility online. Let’s face it, the everyday individual or company CEO doesn’t usually have a clue about search engine optimization. However, because blogs are an easy to use CMS, or content management system, anyone can update the content frequently and experience amazing results. Add industry news, talk about a new product or a special deal, take a poll of your readers, update your target audience about progress on a new project. Content rules when it comes to search engines, and blogs make content easy.
  • If you do not have a company blog, no news isn’t necessarily good news. Your company may lose credibility, particularly when your competition engages potential customers on a regular basis and gets involved in the discussion. Blogs also enhance your social media efforts, as you can update your status on Facebook or “tweet” your latest post on Twitter.
  • Inbound links are easier to generate with blogs – and Google loves them. Essentially, people link to blogs substantially more often than they do to websites, because posts tend to be more helpful, humorous, compelling, even controversial. Google watches this as well, and good inbound links are an important aspect of solid SEO. Great content gets linked to, and Google uses these links to determine the validity of your website. Links let Google know your readers are saying, “Hey, I like this!” In turn, Google likes you, too.

Does your company maintain a blog to keep your target audience up-to-date and informed, or is your website growing stagnant while the search engines rank those companies with active blogs above you? You know where we’re going here – if your company doesn’t use blogging as part of your overall SEO strategy, it’s time to get started.