Why Freelance Writers Like Writing for Small Businesses

As an SEO and Internet marketing company here in Kansas City, we struggle sometimes getting our clients to create blog content on a regular business.  They know how important blogging is for SEO, but writing content can challenging for a business owner.  Many do not have the time, and some people do not like to write.  Yet as a search engine marketing company, we MUST get quality content onto our clients blogs on a regular basis.

There are many benefits of blogging, such as how it can establish your company as an expert and provide a reason for current clients and customer to visit your blog on a regular basis.  From our perspective, however, blogging is a fundamental component of an SEO program.

One way we have solved this problem is by finding freelance writing solutions.  While there are several solutions we’ve tried, a common one is direct match-making between client companies and freelance writers.  Why do freelance writer like to write for businesses – what motivates them?

Freelance writers can have many types of clients. Small business clients are just one type and can be the best option for them. There are many benefits to opting for these over individuals and larger businesses.

Clients Are Willing to Pay Fair Wages

Freelance writers need to earn a fair wage to make a career out of their chosen craft. This is often difficult with individuals who often don’t have the budget to cover the costs. Small businesses are more likely to have this budget and understand what it means to work with freelancers.

Long-Term Contracts Can Be Created

Small business clients understand how important having a contract is. Individuals are more likely to avoid this step while large businesses can be slow at creating something, as they wait for their legal team. It leads to the writer creating the contract and there may be something missed out, accidentally. Freelance writers are more likely to get long-term contracts that they can negotiate on to create something fair for both parties.

The contracts will also usually cover a few months, at least. This is really important for freelancers. Income can fluctuate drastically so having one steady client who pays on time is really worthwhile and favorable.

Work With the Business Owner Closely

Large companies and corporations will usually pass a freelance writer through various contacts. It could mean working with different editors, depending on the part of the magazine they are writing for, or working with people who simply do not know the business. It is annoying, time consuming and costly. Working with a small business means working directly with the business owner, so more questions can be asked and answers are sent through quickly and efficiently. It makes the freelancer’s work much easier to do so the quality is better.

This can also mean that payments are made on time. Working with staff from a company usually means that they have to go to the finance department and the writer could wait weeks, if not months, for a payment. By working directly with small business owners, the invoice is paid quickly; they understand the importance of good cash flow.

Many freelancer writers prefer small businesses as clients than others. They receive fair wages and are paid on time. It creates less hassle so the writer can focus on delivery quality blogs or articles.  Contact us for more information on our freelancer writer network.