What is Google+ and Why Is It Important For Your Business & SEO?

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Social media marketing has been on the rise the last few years, with Facebook, Twitter, and now Linkedin leading the way. Among these top social media sites with marketing potential is Google’s very own social network, Google+. Not only do you have a major SEO advantage from the start with Google+, but you can increase your marketing success by exercising the latest Google+ marketing strategies for 2013.

Supercharge Your SEO With Google+

Even if Google+ wasn’t as popular as it was with users, crafting a good Google+ marketing strategy would improve your SEO no matter what. But how does that work?

Marketers know that today’s social media impressions (or “social signals”) are factored into search results and Google’s quality score for page rank. That’s why it’s important for your Kansas City company to write and publish shareable content that can quickly make its way around social media, and particularly Google+.

But with Google+, it’s more than just generating shares, new followers, and other social signals. Taking advantage of the social networking site of the largest search engine in the world puts in you in a prime position to reap the benefits of solid SEO (read more here: seo kansas city).

That’s why one of the first steps in a Google+ marketing strategy is to optimize Google+ profiles, meta descriptions, and other posted content with the right targeted keywords for your niche. Remember that your Kansas City Google+ page is actually treated like any other page that’s indexed by Google, so your Google+ pages can earn their own page ranks.

SEO optimize your profile properly wherever you can and include relevant high-authority links before you publish your content to share. And it’s even better when one of those high-authority links share your content as well! However remember not to over-optimize your Google+ pages and to treat them like you would any other quality content page that’s being optimized.

When your own business website is connected to your service’s Google+ profile, your own home site can take advantage of those extra SEO perks too. So make sure to add user-friendly Google+ icons with your published content, along with your share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and even Pinterest!

Longer Social Media Shelf life

One of the most useful aspects of Google+ is the shelf life of your published content. Unlike a fleeting tweet that fades into the background within hours, Google+ pages linger around so they continue to increase their page authority. In fact there’s evergreen Google+ content that’s still ranking high in search, even a year after being posted!