Are you searching for web designers in Kansas City? These days, search engines, review sites and social media networks influence demand and purchase decisions for virtually every industry. If you are planning to re-design or develop a new website, this could be the most important decision your company makes this year.

Phil and his team were great to work with and designed a perfect website for our needs. I would use them again…no question.

Jason Slover, Owner, Pete & Jakes Hot Rod Parts

Unfortunately, the web design industry is “design driven.” This means that most web designers and creative agencies design websites for aesthetic appeal and user experience, but not necessarily for high search engine rankings. To achieve the highest possible search engine visibility, your website needs to be designed and developed with an SEO strategy at the first line of computer code.

What good is a new website if your potential customers can’t find it?

Don’t spend a fortune on a great looking website design that does not have search engine friendly coding. Work with a web development firm that can provide creative design AND revenue-generating SEO results.

We emphasize to our clients that getting traffic to a website can be more valuable – and more difficult to achieve – than the design itself. Yet getting a prospective customer to visit a website is only half the battle. Once a visitor reaches your site, the website must look professional, inspire confidence and be easy to navigate. Our web designers, Kansas City web developers and SEO experts specialize in finding the balance between what consumers want to see versus what a search engine such as Google needs to see need to rank your website. Our strategy is to reverse engineer websites from human search engine behavior. We analyze how people search for your products and services online, then we create web designs based on their current search trends. We are experts at finding the balance between front-end user experience and search engine friendly design, layout and coding.

Kansas City Website Design creates 100% custom designs. We do not buy and modify pre-packaged templates or produce low-quality Front Page-style websites. All of our designs are created to your specifications by experienced website designers. We feel that one of our biggest differentiating service features is our ability to deliver corporate quality web designs at boutique agency pricing.

Our most popular web development package includes a custom WordPress website with up to two custom web designer concepts – based on your guidelines and specifications. This package includes a content management system, a mobile responsive design and our proprietary Kansas City SEO® search engine friendly coding. Our web design process is simple. Typically clients will provide us with guidelines as to general layout, color schemes & design styles, and by providing us with a list of reference websites. Since we will spend time with you learning about your business, products and services, we may also create a ‘wildcard’ concept as well. Kansas City Web Designers also assist with optimizing the text content of your site – this is because there are search engine optimization strategies and methodologies that relate directly to the way content is worded and positioned on your website. More information on search engine optimization is described here: Kansas City SEO

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