Web Design Company Releases “The Perfect SEO Press Release” – This Is It

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seo press releasesKansas City, MO – Kansas City Web Design, a leading web design, search engine optimization and Internet Marketing company, issued this press release to serve as an example of a highly optimized press release. Consult your SEO professional before implementing.

The following is a perfectly search engine optimized press release, an example every business should consider in order to maximize SEO impact.

Why is this perfect SEO press release?

1. It includes a catchy title that contains the targeted keywords: Web Design; SEO; Press Release; and SEO Press Release. We have also effectively targeted three niches and have greatly increased the chances that bloggers and other news media outlets will cover or reference this announcement.

2. We selected a premium online press release distribution service, ereleases.com that offers PRNewswire distribution, social sharing features and the ability to customize and specify many of the points below. Avoid using free or lower tier paid press release networks. Recent search engine algorithm updates have made low quality press release networks ineffective and by some reports, may even harm SEO rankings.

3. This press release has exactly 600 words, the maximum allowed by the above online press release service. We have used every word allowed to get maximum amount of relevant text content.

4. This press release contains anchor text links to our targeted sites. While a raw link like this: www.kcwebdesigner.com, is good, anchor text link like this: web designers, may be even better. As a general rule of thumb, you can usually place one website link for every 100 words of text. Try to mix raw links with keyword links and generic (i.e. “click here”) links. Also, try to include a link or two to an inner page of your website.

5. Aside from linking to our targeted web sites, (when appropriate) we also linked to authority sites that have high quality, relevant content and have done so in a way that adds value to this press release. Here is a great example and note that we also use anchor text here: what is a press release?

6. The source page for this release contains an image with an embedded HTML ‘alt tag’ titled: seo press releases. This is how we tell the search engines that the embedded image is relevant to the text content.

7. This release contains a quote from an executive. In this case, Phil Singleton, an SEO expert and CEO of Kansas City Website Design, states: “We have seen other Internet marketing agencies try to use ‘The Perfect SEO Press Release’ as a gimmick, but the releases did not contain any of the elements of a fully optimized press release. This release you are reading right now is carefully worded and uses every possible tool and technique to maximize its SEO impact.”

8. We have also included a link to a relevant pdf file. Adding files to an online press release further increase its SEO value.

9. In this release, we have customized the meta tags as well. The page title and HTML meta description have been customized for consistency with this text content on this page.

10. This press release also has keyword rich url (i.e. keywords within the press release website link) at the source page.

There have been several other enhancements and some upgrades we did not purchase, but the maximum allowed text for this release is 600 words, so the release ends here. Please click here for additional information on how to get the maximum SEO value from your next press release.