Weather 2020 | Gary Lezak Website Design

It was a great honor to be selected by Gary Lezak to design and rebuild his Weather2020 website.  In Gary’s case, in order to meet a tight deadline, we used a proven WordPress framework and used it to create a fully customized design.

The Kansas City Web Design team had a unique opportunity to not only create a modern design, we were able to work with the Weather2020 team to help create a better user experience than previous version of the website – as well as brainstorm ideas on how to more effectively monetize the offering and website content.

Here is what Mr. Lezak said about working with Kansas City Website Design:

Weather2020 needed a new website design, and we needed to do it right, and on a rather fast time line. KC Web Design had the best online visibility, great references, and the best track record of any other source. Then, we met in person and it was a no-brainer at this point. They listened to our complex project, and they delivered. We now have a great website design that functions how we needed it to, and MOST IMPORTANTLY we are getting great positive feedback from our customers. KC Web Design delivered big time and has had incredible post delivery support helping us put on some finishing touches. It’s no wonder why Kansas City Web Design is Kansas City’s go-to web development agency.

Gary Lezak, Chief Meteorologist & Founder, Weather2020.com


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