Video Marketing: How YouTube Can Grow Your Business

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YouTube quickly rose to fame by offering internet users a quick and easy way to upload and share their videos with friends.  Just like Facebook, Twitter, and all other social networking sites, YouTube began as a means to communicate via online media.

Soon after its initial launch, Google acquired YouTube for an astounding $1.8 billion dollars, making YouTube an official subsidiary of Google.  With Google on its side YouTube has gone on to enjoy immense popularity worldwide, accumulating more than 800 unique visitors a month and receiving more than ¾ of its uploads from abroad.

Today YouTube plays a vital role in social media marketing, and gives businesses a chance to connect with potential customers through video tutorials, their uploaded web commercials, mini documentaries, and Q&A interviews.

Standing Out On YouTube

If you’re looking to expand your online presence to include YouTube, there’s no time like the present to start.  Not only can you generate interest from your local community, but you can increase your visibility on a global scale as well.  And if you’re looking to grow your network abroad, YouTube can be a fantastic tool to reach your target international audience.

Every time you upload a video to YouTube, you can tag it with a variety of keywords relevant to your video’s content.  This is the first step toward reaching YouTube users in your target niche.  But if you really want to make an impact, you should include your YouTube videos with your blog.  This encourages readers to retweet your video URLs, post them to their Facebook pages, pin them to their favorite Pinterest boards, and email them to their friends.

Remember YouTube is still a social networking platform and not exclusively a video uploading site.  That is, it’s still important to network with fellow users in your niche and add their videos to your favorites section on your channel.  Other important aspects of YouTube engagement include “liking” relevant videos, posting engaging and relevant comments, posting video responses to users in your network, and creating special contests for your subscribers.

Grow Your Google Rankings With YouTube

And did you know that social media is important for search engine optimization too?  It wasn’t always like that, but many things changed in SEO a few years back when Google released its latest ranking algorithm.

Whenever your content is published online, like your YouTube channel for example, it’ll eventually end up in Google search.  And not only are all those video “likes”, shares, and retweets important for increasing today’s Google rankings, but you can include relevant SEO keywords in your description to boost your channel’s search visibility even more.

Profiting From Your Channel

Branding your YouTube channel is an important aspect of standing out on YouTube and nabbing those subscribers.  Make sure to upload an eye-popping logo and header image that makes your channel stand out in its niche.  As you become more familiar with YouTube, you can even add YouTube AdSense to your account to start profiting from your unique video material!