Use Livejournal To Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing!

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Did you know that before Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and even Myspace, there was Livejournal?  This was actually one of the first social media sites back in 1999.  But it quickly found itself being eclipsed by newer social platforms with more bells and whistles.

Livejournal began as a simple online journaling site, along with fellow 90s journaling site, Diaryland.  This was before WordPress and Tumblr really took off.  So for a few years one could say that Livejournal was the most popular social blogging site on the web!

So what happened?

While Livejournal may have been a brief causality in the rapid fire rise of Facebook and micro-blogging site Twitter, it’s re-surged big time within the last couple years as a viable and effective social marketing tool for small business and part of an effective SEO strategy.

Armed with brand new features that lend itself well to marketing, Livejournal has placed itself back on the relevancy map!  With Livejournal becoming more popular again, now’s the time to learn a few marketing strategies so your business can truly make the most out of this unique social media site.

LiveJournal Demographics To Know

In case you have any doubts about LiveJournal’s current popularity, rest assured these following numbers and demographics prove otherwise.

  • More than 20 million unique visitors each month
  • LiveJournal also attracts a huge global audience as well.  Finland, Singapore, The Philippines, Canada, Russia, Australia, and the U.S are just a few locations around the world where LiveJournal is most popular.
  • Plus if you’re looking into more local social media marketing opportunities in the U.S, LiveJournal is particularity popular in Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York!
  • If you’re aiming toward a specific age demographic with your marketing, LiveJournal is most popular among older teens, users in their 20s, and bloggers in their later 30s to early 40s.

Build Communities To Make An Impact

It’s Important to remember that Livejournal is all about building communities, so that’s the most vital factor in your Livejournal Marketing campaign.  In fact, Livejournal even rewards journal communities by giving them front page exposure on their site, as well as exposure on rotation as well.

Journal communities can also take advantage of special Livejournal ads that are available as a perk for building up a strong and relevant community.  Furthermore, journal communities have access to special widgets for their blogs, plus the site recognizes community members who’re top commenters as well, which provides an opportunity to expand on your comment marketing strategies too!

And not only that!  But Livejournal communities have the exclusive opportunity to participate in the site’s affiliate program, adding yet another dimension to today’s affiliate marketing strategies.

Quick Profile & Comment Tips

When you’re building your first profile for your Kansas City business, make sure to include a link back to your business’s homepage.  This link will also become part of your signature when you post comments on other blogs as well.  So long as you post engaging, relevant comments that encourage other people to read your journal and join your community, that direct link back to your site can do wonders for conversion rates when you’re building an exciting new community.

Livejournal marketing is perfect for anyone who really loves to be social, engage people they meet, and lead others to form useful and valuable communities.  Have a member on your team that fits the bill perfectly?  If so, now’s the time to see what LiveJournal can do for your social media marketing efforts!