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People have questions and they want answers!  That’s why Quora is trending big right now with social media users and internet marketers.  Posting questions to followers has proven to be an effective marketing tool for engaging people on Twitter, Facebook, and most recently Google+.

But Quora is the ultimate Q&A social platform.  Learn more about what Quora can do for you with this quick guide.

Question: What Is Quora and Why Does It Matter?

Launched in 2010, Quora is definitely one of the more recent social media sites; that’s why now can be a great time to explore some of that hype.  Quora thrives off that natural desire to have your questions answered right away, so people treat it like a search engine of sorts.

When people use a search engine to find something, they’re not naturally thinking about the target keywords they’re typing; they’re asking real questions.  When someone comes across a link that truly answers their question, whether it be a blog or a service website, they’re more likely to bookmark that site and return or even share it with their friends on social media.

Quora gives you that same opportunity to build up your authority on a topic.  The better and more in-depth your answers, the more votes your answers will receive, which pushes your useful content to the top of the list.

Providing valuable, helpful answers on Quora is a great way to detour more organic traffic to your site as well.  Just like a search engine result, if your Quora answer shines as one of the more valuable choices for a posted question, chances are fellow users will start clicking on your profile wanting to connect.  And since you’re allowed social media buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and a link back to your site, you can do a lot with Quora to boost your online presence.

Quick Quora Marketing Tips For Beginners

Quora makes it easy to know what your target audience wants to read.  That’s why it’s important to sit down and brainstorm some relevant content that will really grab their attention while they search through answers.  Take note of the pattern of their questions, and try to inject useful information that elaborates on related questions they haven’t asked yet.  When people ask questions, they want to learn something new!

If you’re a blogger, Quora can be an indispensable marketing tool for you.  By establishing yourself as a credible and authoritative answerer, who can do wonders for increasing your blog readership.  So don’t forget to include your blog URL as your answer’s reference link!  The same is true if you’re a social media marketer, an online career coach, or run an online business that can directly address users’ service-related questions.

Plus with Quora gaining a huge presence in Google search, you have an opportunity to nab some additional organic traffic by including relevant keywords in your article responses and bio.  This gives you the benefit of putting high-quality content out there that helps people, while taking advantage of the power of SEO.