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SEO has never been tougher than it is today and our Kansas City SEO® service is constantly improved to meet these new challenges. Google is always trying to weed out poor quality sites that do not providing quality information that Internet users want or need. They have have radically updated their search engine algorithms to ensure that more useful and relevant sites show at the top of organic listings for keyword searches. Similar rules apply for Bing and Yahoo too, since all major search engines share common goals for their users. We would like to share a few tips that you may want to consider for your Kansas City business’ SEO strategy:

  • Keyword Research: This is the backbone of any KC SEO marketing plan. Google provides a great keyword tool for doing this too. If you have a local or regional office try to pick something relevant and branded.  While many keyword rich domain names still do well in searches, “exact match domain names” are not as powerful as they used to be.  Keyword research is critical because your website should be designed around actual human search behavior instead of one designer’s artistic vision.
  • Proper Web Design: SEO-ready web design is often overlooked.  Most web design is in fact “design driven” and the SEO experts often do not have a chance to provide layout and usability input until after a website has been designed.  True SEO web designers not only build an attractive, mobile compatible site, but also coded it in way that is friendly to search engines.
  • Proper Content: By taking keyword research and web design a step further, you need to fill your Kansas City business website with rich and unique content that is helpful for your potential clients and also provides the major search engines what they need to rank your website. These are some of the key components what is known as internal or “on page” optimization.
  • Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing has evolved from being marginally helpful for SEO to critical.  A website cannot rank today, in a competitive market, without investing in a social media strategy.  Your KC company needs a presence on the major social media sites sharing the valuable information n blog and getting some great reviews that help your site climb in the rankings for local search results.
  • Link Building: Along with Social Media Marketing an search engine optimization campaign can be viewed as a popularity contest to some extent. You have to the right types of links and not necessarily the most links, which is the old-fashioned way of ranking. Many links are worthless and it has be done carefully this where we can help too because it is a very time consuming process to do in the proper way. Google will penalize a site for being back linked to in a poor way, thus you will be sent to the bottom of the rankings, which is known as being sandboxed.

For the time being and sake of not making your eyes drop shut, we will conclude here and it is strongly encouraged to take some of these general themes discussed and read our other posts that go into more depth over these topics. So thanks for taking a few minutes to see what the Kansas City SEO® brand can do for your company. We would love to help you with your next marketing campaign and please contact us for more information.