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local marketingKansas City’s The Free Fun Sheet makes it possible for people to entertain themselves even in the most boring or mundane of places, such as when you’re waiting in the doctor or dentist office, at the car repair shop or hair salon, whenever there are circumstances where you find yourself waiting.

What is The Free Fun Sheet, exactly? It’s fun on the run, puzzles, riddles, trivia, games and other things to keep you entertained. Of course it isn’t always possible to finish a puzzle or game while you’re waiting, as you never know when your name will be called, so many people take the sheet with them for further enjoyment when they get home or back to the office.

Other than great entertainment and exercise for the brain, what else is The Free Fun Sheet good for? It’s a great local marketing way to advertise and gain increased exposure for little cost. Because the entertainment sheet is free and readily available not only in places where people typically wait but in video, grocery, and liquor stores as well as other locations, advertisers’ ads get seen. The Free Fun Sheet is published and distributed two times per month throughout the Kansas City area, so you can put your service or product in front of those who are local to your company, products, and services.

Published by MOTIVE8 LLC and Paul Strauss, The Free Fun Sheet is simply a way to keep minds active and engaged whether you find yourself waiting for longer than you would like for services, or simply want to pass the time doing something that challenges the mind. A free publication, local companies have a great opportunity for cost-effective advertising with no long term contract required.

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