10 Reasons Why I Fell In Love With ASmallOrange Web Hosting and Dumped HostGator

kansas city web hostingMy name is Phil Singleton and I run a boutique Internet marketing and web design company Kansas City. This is an honest feedback from a real customer – we are NOT an affiliate nor do we have any other relationship with ASmallOrange.com other than being a very happy customer.  In the last year, we’ve hosted over 100 new websites on ASO.

Last year was a tough year for me and my previous ‘GoTo’ host of nearly ten years: HostGator. Finally, toward the end of 2013, we ‘broke up’ (but hey, we still have A LOT of client websites and some of our own websites still hosted at HG). After weeks of searching for a new hosting partner – and we researched hard this time around – when we found ASmallOrange, it was pretty much love at first site. And after several months in this relationship, we are more in love than ever. While my web design firm only has a couple dozen clients hosted at ASO so far, we recommend this provider to all new accounts. We still have tons of accounts at our previous hosting provider, but rest assured as those annual hosting packages come up for renewal, we will almost certainly be transitioning everyone to ASO! Here’s why: Continue reading “10 Reasons Why I Fell In Love With ASmallOrange Web Hosting and Dumped HostGator”

Common Web Design Mistakes

Every day we get phone calls from Kansas City businesses that feel cheated by web design services.

They invest in a new website and discover well after launch that their new website is not SEO friendly!

They have fallen into the “web design trap” by price shopping for the cheapest form of eye-candy, not realizing that search engine optimization begins at the first line of computer code.

We have another blog post that explains how web design companies commonly promote themselves as the cheapest, lowest cost, or most affordable web design services in town – and how cheap websites can end up costing you thousands. Continue reading “Common Web Design Mistakes”