Mission Hill Arts & Fashion Magazine

Once known as Mission Hills Magazine, the new Mission Hills Arts & Fashion Magazine still focuses on arts and fashion but has expanded its distribution and launched a new web portal and expanded website so that readers can enjoy easy access to videos, current issues, archived articles and more. Continue reading “Mission Hill Arts & Fashion Magazine”


A magazine for and about greater Kansas City’s real estate elite, LANDINGS Magazine offers articles and features about new home builders, Kansas City real estate agents and much more. Brokers, builders, developers, real estate agents and industry affiliates enjoy the latest news, promotions, and entertaining weekly blogs. Now with a new website, those who enjoy the magazine will find even more to look forward to with fresh articles and up-to-date industry news. Continue reading “LANDINGS Magazine”

Greenworks Magazine

Britt and Brett Miller, owners of Greenworks, Inc., have made it their life’s passion to produce and distribute a magazine that is unbiased in regards to the aspects of green building, and the products, procedures and services used in building homes that are not only friendlier in terms of the environment, but healthier for families living in those homes. Continue reading “Greenworks Magazine”

Local Business Rainmakers

real estate magazineThis article was published in print and online at: www.Landingsmag.com

Most real estate and construction professionals recognize the power of the Internet in today’s home buying market. Virtually every buyer starts the home purchase process with a search engine query and the majority of all consumer searches (over 75%) start at Google.com or via Google-powered searches. Continue reading “Local Business Rainmakers”