Why You Need A Know-Like-Trust Web Design

Inbound marketing is a digital marketing buzzword and one you may seen on marketing websites, or if you’ve been pitched recently by a marketing firm or digital marketing agency.

In a nutshell, the ROI for traditional marketing and advertising is deteriorating.   Today’s consumers don’t buy directly from mass market advertising.  They like to search and find the best choices online.  This trend is forcing change in the web design industry.

Websites are no longer digital brochures – they are publishing platforms and marketing hubs.  Very few customers will buy from you without looking you up online first.  Even word-of-mouth and referral marketing are no longer immune from the Internet.

One of the leaders of the inbound marketing revolution is John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing.  In his best-selling book, John details his Marketing Hourglass concept which breaks down the cycle into the following 7 stages: Know-Like-Trust-Try-Buy-Repeat-Refer. Continue reading “Why You Need A Know-Like-Trust Web Design”

Do You Have Zombie SEO Rankings?

Could your website rankings come crashing down like a house of cards? The SEO industry has witnessed five iterations of Google Penguin updates and you can almost hear the footsteps of the next Penguin update. And how many Panda updates have we seen? As of this writing, it’s now deep in the v20-somethings. Not to mention Hummingbird and all the other named and unnamed updates…and now what, a Google Pigeon update?? Continue reading “Do You Have Zombie SEO Rankings?”

Kim Kardashian’s SEO Grade: F

Kim KardashianSometimes I think about Kim Kardashian and I salivate.  Not because I find her particularly attractive or appealing (not really my type), but because I look at all the web properties she is associated with and see a tremendous amount of untapped search engine potential.  SEO geeks like myself are essentially organic web traffic opportunists.  We can analyze and break down consumer search engine behavior quickly, and find opportunities to make money, sometimes a lot of money, for our clients. Continue reading “Kim Kardashian’s SEO Grade: F”

Social Media Trends for 2014

Not too many years ago, social media was more about having fun, meeting new people, and making new friends.  Today, it’s much more than that; in fact, if your business isn’t taking advantage of social media, your company is at a huge disadvantage in terms of building your brand and SEO presence – not to mention gaining new customers and increasing revenue.  Continue reading “Social Media Trends for 2014”

What Was Google Penguin 2.1 All About?

For website owners in general and Internet marketers in particular, Google’s Penguin updates have created quite a stir.  People who simply host a personal blog or information type website may not even know about the updates or see any noticeable impact on their traffic or search result. Continue reading “What Was Google Penguin 2.1 All About?”

The Fundamentals of Kansas City SEO®

SEO has never been tougher than it is today and our Kansas City SEO® service is constantly improved to meet these new challenges. Google is always trying to weed out poor quality sites that do not providing quality information that Internet users want or need. Continue reading “The Fundamentals of Kansas City SEO®”

What is Google+ and Why Is It Important For Your Business & SEO?

Social media marketing has been on the rise the last few years, with Facebook, Twitter, and now Linkedin leading the way. Among these top social media sites with marketing potential is Google’s very own social network, Google+. Not only do you have a major SEO advantage from the start with Google+, but you can increase your marketing success by exercising the latest Google+ marketing strategies for 2013. Continue reading “What is Google+ and Why Is It Important For Your Business & SEO?”

Web Design vs. SEO – Finding the Balance

seo web designSearch engine optimization is all about achieving the balance between great website design and SEO best practices. In a Google-free world, you could pretty much design any type of site you want. Since the search engines, however, drive so many purchase decisions, business owners must provide prospective customers what they want to see in order to have a chance to get the sale. At the same time, businesses must also provide the search engines what they need to need to see in order to get organic rankings. Continue reading “Web Design vs. SEO – Finding the Balance”