Why Freelance Writers Like Writing for Small Businesses

As an SEO and Internet marketing company here in Kansas City, we struggle sometimes getting our clients to create blog content on a regular business.  They know how important blogging is for SEO, but writing content can challenging for a business owner.  Many do not have the time, and some people do not like to write.  Yet as a search engine marketing company, we MUST get quality content onto our clients blogs on a regular basis. Continue reading “Why Freelance Writers Like Writing for Small Businesses”

The Fundamentals of Kansas City SEO®

SEO has never been tougher than it is today and our Kansas City SEO® service is constantly improved to meet these new challenges. Google is always trying to weed out poor quality sites that do not providing quality information that Internet users want or need. Continue reading “The Fundamentals of Kansas City SEO®”

Use Livejournal To Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing!

Did you know that before Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and even Myspace, there was Livejournal?  This was actually one of the first social media sites back in 1999.  But it quickly found itself being eclipsed by newer social platforms with more bells and whistles. Continue reading “Use Livejournal To Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing!”

Mission Hill Arts & Fashion Magazine

Once known as Mission Hills Magazine, the new Mission Hills Arts & Fashion Magazine still focuses on arts and fashion but has expanded its distribution and launched a new web portal and expanded website so that readers can enjoy easy access to videos, current issues, archived articles and more. Continue reading “Mission Hill Arts & Fashion Magazine”


A magazine for and about greater Kansas City’s real estate elite, LANDINGS Magazine offers articles and features about new home builders, Kansas City real estate agents and much more. Brokers, builders, developers, real estate agents and industry affiliates enjoy the latest news, promotions, and entertaining weekly blogs. Now with a new website, those who enjoy the magazine will find even more to look forward to with fresh articles and up-to-date industry news. Continue reading “LANDINGS Magazine”

Why Google Loves Your Company’s Blog

seo bloggingCompanies that have a blog tend to reach a much higher level of success online than those that do not. Why? There are several reasons – and perhaps the biggest benefit to your company is the impact that a blog can have on your overall SEO strategy. Considering that today the internet is a highly competitive landscape for virtually every industry, it’s easy to sink to the bottom of the search results if you’re not on top of your game.

If blogging isn’t currently a component of your overall SEO strategy, it should be. Here’s why: Continue reading “Why Google Loves Your Company’s Blog”