Social Media Strategy Should Start With A Custom Website Design

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Just when you thought ‘social media’ talk was all a fad, bingo, the light comes on and you’re ready to embrace it….an NOW is the time!   Social media participation has always been important, but now the search engines have placed considerable weight on your company website’s social signals.  Further, your social networking public pages have SEO value in their own right – they can achieve their own independent organic rankings, as well as pass SEO value to your other web properties.

In the past, you’ve only thought of your trail of Tweets and Facebook posts as ‘informative,’ and didn’t really understand fully the whole business about ‘click-thrus’ and conversion rates: It’s time to move your online presence social media strategy to a new level, starting with a professional website design.

“Four Social Media Practices that Boosts Results,” a post by Deborah Shane on Small Business Trends points to the quality of the choices awaiting the small business: “Everything from the cloud and niche social sites to social TV and social shopping are the new frontiers.”

1. Use the social platforms in tandem: It pays to think in the ‘third dimension;’ even though you may have a favorite medium, it’s vital to go beyond your comfort level to “build reach.” That means the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn and others; here, it’s all about creating the right content while staying on top of the latest buzz…and keeping that all-important ‘social profile’ all in one place.

2. Use the platforms where your customers live and engage:  Think ‘return on investment’ (ROI) when you map out your strategies; determine what media tools your customers are using…go there. Shun the fad stuff…”just because something emerges and is hot doesn’t mean you should be or need to be on it.” Convert your followers to customers.

3. Evaluate, review, and re-apply: No one gets it right the first time, or maybe even the second; keep trying different messages and ways to increase your target audience—study the competition!

4. Keep your information and content fresh and up to date: Don’t turn your customer away—or turn them off—with stale content; keep it fresh and relevant. Give them a reason to come back to your sites.

5. Don’t over do it: As business owners (including web designers in Kansas City), your goal should be to determine how much social media participation your company needs in order to stay fresh, capitalize on potential opportunities within the given social media network, and only invest in as much content creation (blogs, videos, etc.) as you need to accomplish your SEO and marketing goals.  Sure, more is better, but there is a point of ‘diminishing returns’ when you start creating and distributing more content than you need.

We can help in filling all your social media channels with the right stuff to maximize your search-engine-optimization (SEO) strategy. Our best practices includes a proven method of custom-designing your website to achieve a solid ROI.  To get the best search engine optimization and social media results, its best to incorporate these strategies from your initial design and the very first line of website code.