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Stop Spinning Your Wheels on Social Media

Social media is important to your business or so many reasons.
Yet most small businesses in Kansas City and around the country go about social media the wrong way.

Here Is the Problem:

Most business owners, if they do anything online, will post their best content to social media, where it has about a 6-hour shelf life, and then fades away.

It’s never documented on optimized on their website, where it can become a permanent record of the Internet, indexed by Google, and be a findable answer to someone’s question.

Social media marketing works – really – if its part of a greater digital marketing strategy that is tied back to your website.

This is the way to get 10x return out of your social media efforts, rather than the “spray and pray” tactics that most companies and digital marketing agencies use to try and build a community and generate leads on social media.


Social Media

exterior remodeling seo

...$0 to $2.4M+ in our first year!

In my decade-long career as a Regional Sales Manager at James Hardie, I worked with hundreds of contractors across the country and when it came to marketing and lead generation, most of them felt frustrated or even burned by marketing companies.  A general mistrust of marketers was the norm and still is to this day.  Over the years at JH, we met a handful of marketing companies that could deliver solid, repeatable results that we could recommend to our contractors.  But in this small group of standout marketers, Phil Singleton and his team at Kansas City Web Design & SEO was the true unicorn.   Their whole approach to marketing is so much different than the same SEO and digital marketing mumbo jumbo you hear over and over again.  So when it came to starting my own business (Fairway Exteriors), I knew 100% I’d be calling on Phil and his team to build us an online lead machine.  In our first year we went from a brand new website and brand with $0 in revenues to 7+ digits in the first six months!   If you are in construction or any business really, and have the budget and patience to invest in a real website and marketing plan, Kansas City Web Design & SEO is the partner you need to fast track your way to success

fairway exteriors

Scott Neidow

Owner, Fairway Exteriors

Great Website Content

Needs to Be Shared & Promoted Online

Many prospective clients ask us if social media marketing is necessary and the truth is that social media is very important to a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.   As part of our SEO 2.0 services, we post all of your high value content to your website, where is can be crawled and indexed by Google.  After content is created and published on your search engine optimized website, we will then distribute the page link to your social media channels.

By posting a page link to your site, as opposed to making “native posts” directly on your social media pages, your users are forced to click back to your website to consume the content.  The action of linking from a social media site and clicking  a link from your social media page to your site constitutes a “social media signal”.  Although Google does not formally recognize social signals as a ranking signal, most experienced SEO experts consider social signal to be a valuable ranking factor.  

Social Media Marketing Helps SEO

Getting Targeted Traffic from Social Media Sites is an SEO Ranking Signal

At Kansas City Web Design & SEO, our proven digital marketing strategies include social media marketing, but we only do as much as required to achieve a ROI.  You see, social media has it’s place in digital marketing services, but overinvesting in social media has diminishing returns from a marketing investment standpoint.   Highly effective Kansas City digital marketing services are those that use social media as content distribution channels rathe that the strategic hub of a holistic marketing strategy.  By making your website the foundation of all marketing tactics, you will have a strategy that snowballs with a multiplier effect as traffic and SEO equity continues to build on your website.

plumbing contractor seo

They helped us grow fast!

Our company has been using Phil and Kansas City Web Design for years now and never once have we been disappointed. Our company has grown substantially over the last few years and undoubtedly we have Phil to thank for that. Kansas City Web Design is a terrific company wtih hardworking individuals who put the client first. Simply put Phil is the best. Great website design with great SEO. Best in the business!!!

plumber web design and seo

Bob Hamilton

Owner, Bob Hamilton Plumbing

Best Kansas City Social Media Marketing

This Is How You Do Social Media Marketing in Kansas City!

When it comes to social media marketing services in Kansas City, our agency has a unique website-centric approach.  We focus primarily on “video first SEO” content, and from this content, we create new copy on your website and distribute new digital content into key social media apps and websites.

At Kansas City Web Design, we focus on 4 major social media channels. Each channel in and of itself has some value in terms of reach and community building. But more importantly, all four channels have SEO benefits. In other words, if we bake them into your strategy the right way, you will get SEO benefit in addition to social media exposure.


Our Social Media Marketing Process


Kansas City Facebook Marketing

Not our favorite but a necessary evil

To be honest, Facebook is in it’s decline as is no longer a great source of direct lead flow.  Some companies can do well on Facebook in terms of a secondary source of leads.

Facebook still plays an importance role in your digital marketing strategy.  First and foremost, it acts as a syndication network for content that resides on your site.  In other words, we post great content on your site, then we share it as a link to your Facebook page – this way, people have to come back to your website to get the goods!

Most companies post their content on FB directly with no digital trail back to their website – this is a HUGE mistake.

Secondly, Facebook has now become a secondary resource for buyers to validate your Experience, Expertise, Authority and Trust.  When potential buyers see  that you have an active social channel with some level of engagement, it provides additional proof that you are a real company and a going concern.


Kansas City LinkedIn Marketing

The Only True Organic Social Media Channel

In terms of social media channel with true organic reach, LinkedIn is the only one that has not shifted to a pure “pay to play” platform like Facebook and other have done.

That means you can post on LinkedIn in, and if your post gets engagement, the system will let your content enjoy viral benefits.  The ability of your content to go viral is somewhat dependent on your network and previous contributions and engagement.  In other words, you have to be somewhat active to get the full benefit, but when you do, LinkedIn can be a lead channel in and of itself.

LinkedIn Marketing That Works!

LinkedIn is one of the key content distribution channel in your digital marketing strategy. Every new piece of content that we post on your website as part of your SEO campaign gets shared on LinkedIn.


Google Business Profile

The Holy Grail of Inbound Marketing

Not everyone uses Facebook, or Twitter or LinkedIn or TikTok.

But everyone, across all ages groups and demographics uses Google.  Googling is not only a verb you can find in the dictionary, it’s part of the modern purchase process.

So naturally, if you want to rank on Google Search organically, you need to pay attention to it’s social media platform for businesses.

It doesn’t matter if your company is B2B, or B2C or anything in between.


Twitter Marketing

You own the content. You own the website.

After we complete the web design and web development processes, we will prepare your new custom website for launch.

Cross Browser Testing & Quality Control

Our web development and SEO specialists will load your content website onto your hosting account.  We do not provide hosing because we think it’s in your best interest to own everything: your domain, your website, your content and your hosting account!

When we launch your new website, your will become become 100% owner of the design and website code.  In almost all cases, we will install and launch your website for you.  Sometimes for larger clients, we will deliver the website files electronically so your own team can install if that is your preference.

Load & Optimize Your Content

During this phase we also start putting the SEO final touches as well as making some adjustment for site speed and scoring performance.


We Launch & Start SEO!

You’ll come for our design, you’ll stay for our SEO.

Now comes the fun part.

While we love the process of creating the world’s most SEO-friendly websites, our true passion is post launch search engine optimization and lead generation.

Your Long-Term Commitment to SEO Begins

On the day we launch your website, we will start your ongoing SEO campaign.

You will likely get a nice ranking and traffic boost from your new website within the first 60 days of launch.   You will start to get minimum results within 3 to 6 months, and more complete results within 6 to 12 months.

Our Exceptional Customer Service Never Ends

As we hustle away on your digital marketing campaigns, we will always be responsive to your support needs.  We guarantee that we’ll be the most responsive web designer or digital marketing agency you’ve ever worked with.

We Know You Have Questions

Here are your answers

What Is Social Media Marketing in Kansas City?

Social media marketing (SMM) is a form of internet marketing that uses social media website and apps as a marketing tool. These social media platforms enable brands to connect with their audience to: build a brand, increase sales, drive traffic to a website, and build a community of followers to share and engage with content.

At Kansas City Web Design & SEO, we help business create content for a variety of social media channels including YouTube, Facebooks, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Business Profile pages.

How Much Does Kansas City Social Media Marketing Cost?

The cost of social media marketing/management in Kansas City can vary depending on many factors. However, most businesses spend about $500 to $10,000 per month on social media marketing and advertising in the United States.

What Are the Benefits of Social Media Marketing in Kansas City?

The advantages of social media marketing in Kansas City, include brand recognition, audience engagement, and increased website traffic.  Kansas City businesses that fail to use social media marketing successfully can not reach their true revenue and growth potential.

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