Social media is important to your business or so many reasons.
Yet most small businesses in Kansas City and around the country go about social media the wrong way.

Here is the problem:

Most business owners, if they do anything online, will post their best content to social media, where it has about a 6-hour shelf life, and then fades away.

It’s never documented on optimized on their website, where it can become a permanent record of the Internet, indexed by Google, and be a findable answer to someone’s question.

Social media marketing works – really – if its part of a greater digital marketing strategy that is tied back to your website.

This is the way to get 10x return out of your social media efforts, rather than the “spray and pray” tactics that most companies and digital marketing agencies use to try and build a community and generate leads on social media.

Social Media Marketing

At Kansas City Web Design, we focus on 4 major social media channels.

Each channel in and of itself has some value in terms of reach and community building.

But more importantly, all four channels have SEO benefits.

In other words, if we bake them into your strategy the right way, you will get SEO benefit in addition to social media exposure.