Website Designers Predict “Massive Changes” in SEO Strategies For 2013

2013 seo predictionsAs a business owner with a successful e-Commerce website, you’ve been noticing a drop in visitor traffic and fewer click-thrus to your shopping cart; this, while your competition continues to cut into your market share.

At first, you thought it was all about “design,” and even considered a couple of proposals that were truly design oriented; but then you realized you were headed in the wrong direction: You could not revamp your site based simply on a new look and adding few more bells-and-whistles.

“Six Expected Web Design Trends in 2013,” an article on Smashinghub.com, predicts the eye will be focused more on Typography as the most important element on the web page versus image-upon-beautiful-image gracing the pages.

While not an entirely new trend, Responsive Web Design continues to be a key component for website designers when considering all the different mobile, tablets and desktop formats on the market today.

Providing the right web design ‘once’ without the need to repeat it again-and-again to fit varying proportions is the kicker.

Remember, it will always be about Search Engine Optimization (SEO); this, over design, design…design.

As such, Smashinghub’s post, “SEO–Massive Changes Expected in 2013,” notes that Google isn’t through making changes in the way page rankings are decided—remember Panda and then all the changes with Penguin?