10 Tips For Maximizing Press Release SEO Impact

seo press releasesJust like other content you write for the web (articles, blog posts, web pages), your press release should be optimized for the most impact. Ultimately, this means an increase in targeted traffic to your press release and greater visibility. However, which services you choose for submission and how often you submit also make a difference. So, how can you ensure that your PR gets maximum exposure? Here are a few tips.

1. Select an online press release distribution service. Great SEO-friendly options include erelease.com , prweb.com and onlineprmedia.com. Not all services widely distribute your press release, particularly those that are free.

2. Make sure the package you select includes a release to prnewswire. Why? PR Newswire has incredible reach and is capable of mass distribution of news and other items considered newsworthy.

3. Optimize the press release itself. Most online PR distribution services (assuming you buy the SEO friendly package) enable you to include anchor text in your release…a general rule of thumb is 1 text links per 100 words. You can also put keyword in image alt tags and some allow for page title, meta description and custom url links. Be sure to sprinkle your target keywords/phrases throughout the body a few times, but avoid overdoing it.

4. If you truly have a newsworthy announcement, try submitting a draft PR to a couple high authority blog or media sites as a tip. Give them 24 hrs to break the story before your PR is published. This helps generate a little “buzz” about your news prior to it being released on major networks.

5. Embed a video and/or include a high impact image if allowed. Videos and pictures are proven to capture attention; someone who glances at your press release is more likely to give the content more attention, or watch the video.

6. Do not go for mass submissions to free press release sites. With Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm updates, there is no benefit to these type of spammy releases and some indication that they may hurt.

7. Expect to spend $200-400 for an online press release. While this may seem exorbitant, a trusted PR distribution service will provide massive exposure for your news, and high quality backlinks which help with SEO and page rank. It’s definitely money well spent – and you can expect a good ROI.

8. Try to use the maximum number of words allowed for the release. Many of the major players allow for 375 to 500 words per release. Search engines (particularly Google) love quality, original content, so the more the better.

9. Try to do at least 2 news releases each year, or better yet once per quarter, or as often as you have newsworthy announcements. Do not, however, do too many press releases either. When you saturate the media, you may find you start getting ignored. It’s more important to have a few high quality, newsworthy releases than many press releases that suffer in terms of quality or repeat the same old news.

10. Consider hiring an experienced writer to create your release. Writers who are skilled with words and familiar with SEO know how to craft catchy titles and spin content so your release will appeal to a diverse group of niche audiences. Experienced writers usually know how to write in a way that is engaging and holds the reader’s attention and interest.

Now you know how to make your press releases work for you in terms of SEO! This can be one of the most important things you do for your business, so get started.