Rosetta Stone & Google Settle 3-Year Lawsuit Related to Trademarks & Adwords

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Rosetta Stone GoogleGoogle has really amped up its efforts against trademark and copyright infringement this year. This press release is carefully worded and specifies that that the two companies will they will meaningfully collaborate to:

“prevent the misuse and abuse of trademarks on the Internet”



“eliminating piracy and trademark abuse on the Internet.”


Rosetta Stone Inc. (NYSE:RST) and Google have agreed to dismiss the three-year old trademark infringement lawsuit between them and to meaningfully collaborate to combat online ads for counterfeit goods and prevent the misuse and abuse of trademarks on the Internet. The companies will also work together to help law enforcement officials around the world go after counterfeiters at the source. By working together, Google and Rosetta Stone hope to improve detection methods, and better protect from abuse brands like Rosetta Stone, advertising platforms like Google AdWords, and ultimately consumers on the Internet At the end of the day, both companies would rather cooperate than litigate, and we believe this agreement is an important step toward eliminating piracy and trademark abuse on the Internet.

You can read the full press release here.

Kudos to Rosetta Stone to standing up to the big boys. This agreement fundamentally affect how Google treats trademarks on both Adwords and organic search.