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For many of our small and medium sized clients and prospective clients, the technologies and platforms listed below are probably meaningless. In simple terms, our Kansas City web application development team is fluent in all of the latest web development coding technologies. We use cutting edge Web 2.0 Internet technology that enables us to create efficient, feature rich, highly interactive websites that can “scale” to millions of users. While most of our clients do not require highly scalable websites or extensive database programming, we do have the resources and talent to deliver powerful, custom Internet solutions and web applications.


You Deserve It All!


Weather2020 needed a new website design, and we needed to do it right, and on a rather fast time line. KC Web Design had the best online visibility, great references, and the best track record of any other source. Then, we met in person and it was a no-brainer at this point. They listened to our complex project, and they delivered. We now have a great website design that functions how we needed it to, and MOST IMPORTANTLY we are getting great positive feedback from our customers. KC Web Design delivered big time and has had incredible post delivery support helping us put on some finishing touches. It’s no wonder why Kansas City Web Design is Kansas City’s go-to web development agency.

Gary Lezak

Chief Meteorologist & Founder,


These Are Your Guys - No Question In My Mind.

I think Phil is WAY ahead of the curve on content-driven SEO and web design. The world of web designers and SEO consultants is full of folks that want you to believe SEO is a black art that is all about tricking the search engines.

What I love about working with Phil is that he brings the technical know how laced with marketing realities that allow you to benefit from doing the right things the right way. Be wary when you hire an SEO expert and make sure they talk about content, social, marketing and optimization because it is all related.

Phil is your guy – no question in my mind.

John Jantsch

Duct Tape Marketing


The Best Investment We Have Ever Made

In short, we started a company here in Kansas City after a non-compete effectively shut us out of our home market. After being burned by a previous web design and Internet marketing firm, we were terribly skeptical of web designers and SEO. We received a great logo and web design from KC web design, but the SEO results have been spectacular..and for over 3 years now!!!

Being found on Google made us an instant player and gave us instant credibility in a new market. We probably underestimated how important and how powerful SEO can be. The return on investment is phenomenal. We feel that we are the best in the country with commercial, industrial and residential epoxy flooring installation. Yet, it DOES NOT MATTER how good you are if the people that are looking for your services cannot find you! And while it may seem corny to some, we truly thank God every day for our partnership with Phil and his exceptionally talented team. Please feel free to call me directly to learn more about my experience with KC Web Design.

Glen Smith

Unique Epoxy Designs


The Ferrari FF Of Web Design & SEO World

As I begin to write a review of Phil Singleton, owner of Kansas City Web Design & SEO and Duct Tape Marketing Certified Consultant I cannot help but compare his company to the classy Ferrari FF. To quote from the super sports car model profile “even the most cursory glance…and you’ll know why it’s so radical…has elegance, beauty and art in its soul…much more than sophisticated allure”. That is what Phil and his staff produced for my company’s web site,

The Little Fig, LLC publishes whimsical, vividly illustrated children’s picture books and products. Most are available in Spanish with equal presentation of both languages. After interviewing several web developers and hours of research I chose Phil for the development and internet launching of the start-up company. I was impressed initially by his credentials and innovative concepts for design. That first impression was enthusiastically and overwhelmingly supported by personal and professional references from other clients he served. Choosing Phil has proved to be an excellent decision.

Phil made himself available throughout the entire web development process, reaching far beyond the norm to patiently guide me in all aspects. He was outstanding, client specific oriented and quite successful in creating new ideas and concepts that aesthetically appeal to everyone from the kids who visit the site for freebies to the parents and teachers who download free music, activity sheets, translations and more. Everyone is immediately engaged with the So Big & Little Bit Adventures™ character sliders popping onto the full screen page to introduce the most current children’s book series. Then the solid layout allows them to navigate with ease for customer specific information, purchases and downloads.

Thank to Phil Singleton, owner of Kansas City Web Design and Duct Tape Certified SEO specialist, for developing and launching a most awesome presentation of The Little Fig, LLC onto the internet. Your guidance and instruction combined with the desire to meet my requests for a new and unique web address has created an awe-inspiring website. Your attention to detail, your innovative and client specific site development, and your dedication in placing the company in the top SEO searches is immeasurable. You are priceless!!!

Sherry Bushue

The Little Fig LLC


Delivering SEO And Website Design Value

I don’t normally post reviews but Kansas City Website Design & SEO is worth raving about. Phil and his team really stepped into a mess with my small businesses website and sorted everything out. He has given me great advice for how to do my part to drive SEO and as of today we are the #1 when you search Google for Overland Park Car Wash(es). That is really cool! There’s no way we could have done it without Phil and Kansas City Website Design & SEO. They are by far the best in Kansas City from what I have seen and I would argue they are the best around for a business of my size and the SEO needs that we have. Thanks so much for being there and continuing the relationship. We are grateful to Kansas City Website Design & SEO.

Claire Cunningham

Overland Park Car Wash


Working With A Local Kansas City Company Is Very Important To Us

We worked with a company on the West Coast for a period of time, but never really achieved any meaningful Google rankings. We were impressed by Kansas City Web Designs track record and stellar references.

While they stated that meaningful results could take anywhere from 3-6 months, we noticed significant results in just a few weeks. Within a few short months we are now on the first page for all business lines, which means many people in need of our services see our company first on searches and call us. We have many top rankings for competitive keywords and we see progress almost weekly.

The fact that we are working with a local Kansas City company is very important to us.

Bob Hamilton

Bob Hamilton Plumbing + Heating + A/C + Rooter


Phil Singleton & Co. Deliver!

Last year we came up with a plan to visit all 59 US National Parks in 59 weeks. It quickly changed from a fantasy to a reality. We had a vague idea that we would need a website to chronicle our journey and to attract sponsorship. We began to interview web developers and eventually met Phil. We are so glad that we did.

We had never had a website of any kind and were, quite frankly, pretty skeptical of any web company that we talked to. It was an expensive leap of faith for us. Almost immediately, Phil offered references and told me I was welcome to call them. I called three of their current clients and they all gave him an unqualified endorsement. That along with their ideas for our site and business and his expertise with SEO convinced us to move forward with him.

Thankfully, Phil has been willing to hold our newbie hands along the way. We did not know the jargon or the procedures. We had not heard of, for example, Word Press. Phil trained us on multiple platforms and we are becoming comfortable with them. Our website traffic has consistently grown allowing us to develop important business relationships. We have one already. You might have heard of them–National Geographic.

One of the best ideas that Phil gave us was the concept of guest blogging. We have had two guest bloggers on our website with three more scheduled. Today we posted a guest blog at Our site traffic has been through the roof today.

Phil has also nursed us through using Google+. It is not our favorite, but it does work.

So far, we have not really done anything–won’t visit our first National Park until April 1st. With their help, however if you place the words 59 National Parks on Google you will see us on page one.

If you need another reference for Kansas City Web Design, just let me know. I would be happy to give him one.

Don Hafner



Excellent Service!

Our School Website was hacked, I did a Google search for a Joomla expert in the area and KC Web Design popped up at or near the top. They handled my situation very quickly and got us back up and running. Thank You again for your Excellent Service!

Carla Fratzel

HopeLutheran School


A Significant Increase In Our Business

The traffic at my site has gone up in the range of 200 to 300 percent. Even more importantly, when people search for our services we are now right at the top of most page rankings. Without a doubt, the newly designed site can be credited with a significant increase in our business.

John Landsberg

Bottom Line Communications


We Highly Recommend Kansas City Web Design

Content Media has worked with Kansas City Web Design on a number of projects, most recently on the LANDINGS Magazine website at Phil and his team delivered a great product by creating a self-sustainable, SEO friendly website. We now run our entire site from a single backend, adding new content as we see fit.

LANDINGS Magazine publishes eight issues a year, and Kansas City Web Design makes it simple to operate the backend. We change text content, add images, videos, manage our blog and post new articles with each issue. It’s catapulted our magazines to a higher with the added web presence. We can and do highly recommend Kansas City Web Design.

Brett Miller

Content Media


The Best In Kansas City

We tried using another Kansas City web development firm, but after a substantial investment and over six months of effort, they could not meet our website needs. This time we did our homework and contracted with the best we could find. With KCWD, we experienced more progress and satisfaction in the first two weeks of our partnership than all of the time we spent with the previous website company. Our new website fits in perfectly with our corporate identity, and will be an important tool for us to continue grow our business.

Dr. Stanley Hoehn

The Bariatric Center Of Kansas City


We Create a Strategy

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We create a
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expert website designers.

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We Code Your
Custom Site

We never, ever use pre-made templates

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We launch
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We Market
your Website

You’ll come for our design,
you’ll stay for our SEO.

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