Reintjes Marine Surface Technologies LLC

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Reintjes Marine Surface Technologies LLC provides thermal spray powder coatings for a wide array of applications, including chemical manufacturing, oil drilling and exploration, and oil refinery and transportation. For more than 90 years the company has provided innovative solutions and unparalleled service to customers. Today, RMS offers a high velocity impact fusion plasma spray powder coating system designed for use in specific applications, along with robotic systems which are specially engineered for field applications.

Thermoplastic products provided by RMS include Tefcite, PV-4, non-stick Fluroamide, Dupont Abcite, Evonik Plyamide 12 and Arkema PVDF Kynar. These products are formulated for various applications and purposes. For instance, RMS PV-4 is formulated using fluorinated copolymer resin covalent bonded to nickel, boron nitride, and is resistant to fly ash erosion as well as continuous operating temperatures of up to 300-400 degrees Fahrenheit. Dupont Abcite is ideal in marine applications as it offers enhanced surface protection for off-shore process control equipment, dredging equipment and oil transportation ship tankers.

Reintjes Marine Surface Technologies LLC provides superior service and focuses on problem solving for various industries including military defense, marine and other applications requiring EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) or FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval. Specializing in a variety of OEM applications and industrial field applied powder coatings, RMS uses a patented HVIF plasma powder coating process system in conjunction with functionalized covalent bonded material technologies to provide innovative solutions.

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