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Searching for Google AdWords pay-per-click campaign management? 

Although we are primarily an organic SEO and custom WordPress development firm located here in the great, low-overhead State of Kansas, we can and do offer PPC campaign management services. 

While organic search engine optimization offers a much higher return on investment than paid online advertising, PPC (Google AdWords in particular) is a fantastic tool for supplementing organic SEO campaigns.

If you are reading this page, you already know: Despite having strong organic search engine visibility for our our own KC web design and Internet marketing agency, we actively use AdWords to market our own business.  And if the SEO experts are using PPC advertising, maybe you should too!

We offer FREE pay-per click management services to our SEO clients (more below).


Do PPC Right!

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...$0 to $5M+ in our first 18 months!

In my decade-long career as a Regional Sales Manager at James Hardie, I worked with hundreds of contractors across the country and when it came to marketing and lead generation, most of them felt frustrated or even burned by marketing companies.  A general mistrust of marketers was the norm and still is to this day.  Over the years at JH, we met a handful of marketing companies that could deliver solid, repeatable results that we could recommend to our contractors.  But in this small group of standout marketers, Phil Singleton and his team at Kansas City Web Design & SEO was the true unicorn.   Their whole approach to marketing is so much different than the same SEO and digital marketing mumbo jumbo you hear over and over again.  So when it came to starting my own business (Fairway Exteriors), I knew 100% I’d be calling on Phil and his team to build us an online lead machine.  In our first year we went from a brand new website and brand with $0 in revenues to 7+ digits in the first six months!   If you are in construction or any business really, and have the budget and patience to invest in a real website and marketing plan, Kansas City Web Design & SEO is the partner you need to fast track your way to success

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Scott Neidow

Owner, Fairway Exteriors

Don't Overpay for PPC Services

PPC Agencies Work for google

Most Kansas City businesses overpay for AdWords management services.  We discuss PPC services with clients and prospective clients every day.  In most cases, business owners are overpaying because the PPC consultant is improperly targeting geographic territories and devices, and is not correctly using the custom extension tools.  Typically the biggest drag on ROI is overpaying for the wrong keywords and improperly using the keyword attributes in within the PPC system.  Most search engine marketing firms want you to overpay on PPC, because they charge on a percentage basis rather than a fixed fee – this is wrong.

Interesting fact: we’ve heard companies tell us over the past year that Kansas creative agencies, KC creative agencies and local Kansas City search egine marketing (SEM) agencies are charging fees as high as 10% to 25% of their campaign spend.  WOW!  This is a really high number and you should consider getting a fixed fee budget or working with an organic SEO firm to get this service for free, or at lease for a fixed monthly budget.

Optimized Campaigns by Google experts

Most PPC companies just set it and forget it.

Many pay-per-click agencies purposely create complex campaign solely for the purpose of increase billings.  PPC campaigns should be highly targeted – but they only need to be customized to the extent that they NEED to be customized.

Avoid Reseller & Outsourced Services.

Many creative agencies outsource their PPC services to other search engine marketing.  This is insane and can result is.  If you elect to use a 3rd party to management you PPC campaigns, make sure your service provider is fulfilling these services in-house, and not outsourcing to another sub-contractor.

Get Your Keyword Report.

You can generate a detailed keyword report with AdWords.  This report will tell you exactly what phrase a visitor used when they ran a Google search, found and clicked your PPC advertisement.  Most companies never get their keyword reports and never have any idea what keywords they are paying for and how much they are paying for each word.

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Great website design with great SEO. Best in the business!!!

Our company has been using Phil and Kansas City Web Design for years now and never once have we been disappointed. Our company has grown substantially over the last few years and undoubtedly we have Phil to thank for that. Kansas City Web Design is a terrific company wtih hardworking individuals who put the client first. Simply put Phil is the best. Great website design with great SEO. Best in the business!!!

Bob Hamilton

Owner, Bob Hamilton Plumbing

Expert PPC management Process

We Manage your google Ads Account

Google Ads is a fantastic way to reach new customers immediately online.  The online problem with Google Ads is that it’s a relatively expensive digital marketing tactic when compared to organic SEO, which allows you to cast a much wider net to a much bigger audience.

Below, you can see a screen shot to the Google Ads home page.  This is for Google Ads, not Google Local Services (which you can read more about below).

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We Also Encounrage google local services ads for some businesses

google local services ads

Our PPC Advertising Process

Avoid PPC Reseller & Outsourced PPC Services.


PPC Account Audit

Every Google Ads Account We've Ever Seen is Wasting Money

The very first step in a Google Ads pay-per-click campaign is to evaluate any current or recent campaigns.

In most cases we can immediately determine if and where we can make improvement in targeting, cost-per-lead and return on investment (ROI).

Evaluate PPC Performance to Date

The best place to look for waste in your Google Ads account is in the “Search Terms” section.  In this section, you can see the exact terms you are appearing for, that actual terms that are getting searched and clicked, and what you are paying for various terms.

It’s important to note if you are getting junk clicks on terms that clearly have no value to your company, as well as the number of “high intent” vs “low intent” keywords. 

For example, a phrase like “what is PPC” is much lower to converts on a click for us than something like “best PPC company Kansas City” – which is clearly being search by a person in the purchase process.


Google Ads Strategy

Pay-Per-Click, Display, Video & Gmail Ads

After we evaluate your history with Google Ads (if any), then we’ll determine the best PPC strategy for your company.

In most cases, we would recommend a traditional pay-per-click campaign either to supplement you current SEO goals, or to get some initial lead generation traction for new SEO campaigns.

Use a Well-Rounded PPC Strategy

Google offers PPC campaigns, but also pay-per-impression campaigns using banner ads and video as well.  These forms of advertising are low cost, high visibility and big bang-for-buck.

We encourage our clients to use the Google Ads platform as a powerful ingredient for a high ROI digital marketing recipe.


Create PPC Campaigns

Professional Campaigns by Google Ads Experts

Our professional team Kansas City PPC we help you create and manage a highly effective pay-per-click advertising campaign.

We will create the ad copy, including site links, offers and landing pages.

We’ll also help you create graphic banner ad campaigns as well as dynamic display and remarketing ads.

We also have a team of in-house videographers.  When we create videos for your content marketing campaign, we’ll also help you create video ads and bumber ads for your YouTube ads (which are also managed from withing your Google Ads Account.

How much does it cost? We do not charge for our world-class PPC services – this is part of our monthly SEO service!


Monitor & Optimize PPC

PPC Needs to be Optimized just like SEO

The great thing about pay-per-click advertising is that it gets better over time.

The more data your account accumulate, the more we can use it to optimize your account for more gains. 

Furthermore, the data we get from Google Ads is excellent ammo for SEO.  From your PPC dashboard, we can see the search terms and phrases that get the most traction in terms of impressions and clicks. 

And with Google Ads tracking installed on your website, we can find out exactly which keywords are converting into phone call and web form leads.

This not only helps us target your ad spends better, but we can also use the info to optimize your website for even better SEO!


Track & Adjust PPC

We'll Track PPC Results & Adjust Accordingly

Pay-Per-Click advertising services in Kansas City or anywhere else in the United States requires weekly attention.

PPC is a competitive bidding platform, meaning that advertisers are constantly monitoring and adjusting their campaign to maximize conversions and ROI.

Our Exceptional PPC Management Never Ends

We will make sure that your Google Ads Campaign remains optimized, effective and within your budget.

This platform is continually evolving with new features and rules being added or changed every month.  This arena is difficult to keep up with for agencies and nearly impossible for small business.  We can help you turn the tables on Google Ads and help use use this platform to win and grown your business to its true potential!

We Know You Have Questions

Here are your answers

What Is Kansas City PPC?

Kansas City PPC is an abbreviation for Kansas City Pay-Per-Click is a form of online performance advertising whereby your company pays a fee each time a user click.  This differs from traditional advertising that is based on placement, ad impressions or distribution.

With PPC, a company or agency can control the overall budget, cost per click, keywords, time, location and various other types of demographic targeting.

How Much Does Kansas City PPC Cost?

Most digital agencies in Kansas City charge on a percentage of your overall ad spend, and typically in the range of 20% to 30% of your budget.  For example, if your PPC budget is $4,000 per month, a typical Kansas City PPC agency will charge an additional $1,000 per month to manage your Google Ads PPC account.

At Kansas City Web Design & SEO, we do not charge for Google Ads management and include this service in our all of SEO growth marketing plans.

Do Kansas City Pay-Per-Click Services Help with SEO?

While Google denies there is a direct relationship with Google Ads and organic search engine rankings, most experienced SEO companies in Kansas City know how to use PPC in a way that will indirectly help your search engine rankings.

For example, the Google Ads platform provide incredible keyword and , traffic data that can be used to further optimize organic SEO campaigns.  Furthermore, targeted user traffic, dwell time and secondary social signals generated by Google Ads campaigns have been proven to positively affect organic rankings. 



What Is the Difference Between Google Ads & Google Local Service Ads?

Google Ads is Google’s pay-per-click and pay-per-impression platform where companies can advertise in Google Search results, Google Maps results, YouTube, Google Partner site and Google’s 3rd party ad network.

Google Local Services ads enable local companies to advertise on a pay-per-lead platform.

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