Searching for Google AdWords pay-per-click campaign management?  Although we are primarily an organic SEO and custom WordPress development firm located here in the great, low-overhead State of Kansas, we can and do offer PPC campaign management services.  While organic search engine optimization offers a much higher return on investment than paid online advertising, PPC (Google AdWords in particular) is a fantastic tool for supplementing organic SEO campaigns.

If you are reading this page, you already know: Despite having strong organic search engine visibility for our our own KC web design and Internet marketing agency, we actively use AdWords to market our own business.  And if the SEO experts are using PPC advertising, maybe you should too!

800 pound gorillaWe offer FREE pay-per click management services to our SEO clients (more below).

You definitely should consider using a proven organic SEO professional for your PPC campaign management.  Effective pay-per-click advertisement is MUCH easier for SEO professionals.  A PPC campaign managed by an SEO professional will ALWAYS outperform a creative, advertising or search engine marketing agency.  Organic SEO requires a much deeper understanding of the search engines and keyword analysis – all of which can be applied to PPC campaign management.  A good analogy would be in the legal industry – would you rather be represented by an attorney or a paralegal?

As you consider hiring or replacing your current search engine marketing provider, please consider the following:


1. Don’t Overpay. Most Kansas City businesses overpay for AdWords management services.  We discuss PPC services with clients and prospective clients every day.  In most cases, business owners are overpaying because the PPC consultant is improperly targeting geographic territories and devices, and is not correctly using the custom extension tools.  Typically the biggest drag on ROI is overpaying for the wrong keywords and improperly using the keyword attributes in within the PPC system.  Most search engine marketing firms want you to overpay on PPC, because they charge on a percentage basis rather than a fixed fee – this is wrong.

Interesting fact: we’ve heard companies tell us over the past year that Kansas creative agencies, KC creative agencies and local Kansas City search egine marketing (SEM) agencies are charging fees as high as 8% to 20% of their campaign spend.  WOW!  This is a really high number and you should consider getting a fixed fee budget or working with an organic SEO firm to get this service for free, or at lease for a fixed monthly budget.

2. Get Optimized PPC Campaigns. Many pay-per-click agencies purposely create complex campaign solely for the purpose of increase billings.  PPC campaigns should be highly targeted – but they only need to be customized to the extent that they NEED to be customized.

3. Avoid Reseller & Outsourced Services. Many creative agencies outsource their PPC services to other search engine marketing.  This is insane and can result is.  If you elect to use a 3rd party to management you PPC campaigns, make sure your service provider is fulfilling these services in-house, and not outsourcing to another sub-contractor.

4. Get Your Keyword Report. You can generate a detailed keyword report with AdWords.  This report will tell you exactly what phrase a visitor used when they ran a Google search, found and clicked your PPC advertisement.  Most companies never get their keyword reports and never have any idea what keywords they are paying for and how much they are paying for each word.

5. No Contracts. As a business owner, you should never have to sign a long term contract for pay-per-click management, search engine marketing services or any search engine optimization services.  The very best SEO and PPC campaign management service provider will never require long-term contracts.  All SEO and search engine marketing agreements should be month to month, cancelleable with a 30 day notice.

We offer free PPC campaign management services to all of our SEO clients.  Please contact us today for a free pay-per-click consultation.  Call us today at 913-735-9105 or send us an email.