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One-click Lindsey Anderson is a crazy smart digital marketer.

She, in fact, is one of the inspirations for the Local Business Leaders podcast.

One of the coolest things about Lindsey is how she and her team help businesses at all levels, but I think most importantly smaller local businesses.  She has a killer local lead generation tip that we think every small business owner should use, and she give a great example in the interview for a chiropractor.

Learn how to use your own personal podcast or your own company podcast to connect with your ideal clients and the CEO and business owner level. This is one of the most effective outbound-inbound digital marketing lead generation tactics you will ever find.

This is a must listen, and be sure to check Lindsey’s websites, and courses here:

Phil Singleton: Welcome everybody to another episode of the Local Business Leaders Podcast. I am your host Phil Singleton. Today I’ve got a very special guest. Really, I always say that because I do believe everybody’s special but One-Click Lindsey Anderson. She is the first female guest we are having so hooray, hooray. Awesome. I’m sure we’ll have many more but let me read this intro off to you guys and then I’ll let Lindsey fill in the blanks.

One-Click Lindsey is a web strategy expert working with small business owners to help them utilize the web to produce more website traffic and leads. Lindsey is the founder and CEO of trafficandleads.com. It specializes in driving traffic, getting leads, and the art of nurturing leads to become lifelong clients. One-Click Lindsey is an expert in landing pages, email sequences, search engine ranking, newsletters, analytics, social media, pay per click ads, websites, blogging, and the list goes on and on. She knows how to utilize the myriad of online marketing options to generate more traffic and leads, which produces more paying clients. That’s awesome. I love it. Welcome to the show, Lindsey.

Lindsey Anderson: Phil, always a pleasure to hang out with you for a bit.

Hosting Your Own Podcast to Get Ideal Client Leads

Phil Singleton: We’re going to try and pack a lot in here in the 20 minutes. It might go a little bit over but there’s lots of things I want to ask you. I think the way a lot of you pro podcaster folks do, I’m doing for the same reason today. I want to pick your brain for selfish reasons. I don’t even care if one person listens to this although I think there’s going to be plenty of people that are going to want to tune in and hear some of your podcast lead generation tips.  I have actually started this podcast, The Local Business Leaders Podcast, in large part because of what you’re doing. You’ve got your own podcast and you’ve been on my marketer for some time and had some great success in it but you also had a locally based podcast called, is it PDX Small Business….what is the name again.

Lindsey Anderson:  PDX Small Business Network Podcast. Like you said, I have traffic and leads podcast, which is an online marketing podcast but because I always like to plant my flag in the ground and even though my clients are all over the world even, I still want to dominate Portland where I just moved. I started the PDX Small Business Network Podcast to do such a thing.

Phil Singleton:  That is awesome. We’re going to dive right into that but can you fill in the blanks a little bit about your journey on where you started and then to how you got to where you’re doing things and making money today?

Lindsey Anderson:  Yeah, sure so I’ve always been an entrepreneur and so when I went to collage it was just a natural fit to go into some sort of information systems platform so that you could try all of these ideas without having to pay out to a web developer. My first business, well my first business was a babysitters’ club but we won’t talk about that. When I was older I worked at a swimming pool and the parents would come in and sign up their kids for swimming lessons on paper and this is right when the internet came out. I was like, “We should have a website,” where they’re putting their kids’ information in on like this really lame html form and then I basically put that on a CD and sold it to all the local pools. It worked pretty well.

Phil Singleton: It’s awesome.

Lindsey Anderson:  Yeah, so I’ve been in and out of so many online businesses but always the foundation of my income and my passion has been online marketing. I started with just web development. The problem with being just a web developer so I’ve been doing this for 12 years. Back in the day, we were just web developers. Problem is everyone’s brothers’ kids’ dogs a web developer so we were honestly just competing on price. That made it very, very difficult to make any money. So we specialized and so now we specialize in online marketing. It’s not just a website but actually your website works and brings in traffic and leads, which is what you guys are looking for. It’s been a long journey and now for the past five or six years been extremely stable but there was plenty of bumpy moments there.

Phil Singleton: You’ve just basically been an entrepreneur, had that spirit since the beginning, right?

Lindsey Anderson:  Yes.

Phil Singleton:  Then you rolled into web design and since then okay and now it’s become more into okay you got the website so now how do we get them to make money type of thing. That’s where you are and probably I guess always be or at least at the moment.

Lindsey Anderson:  Probably we’ll stay. We can make a lot more money just being specialists there. The customers are happier because a lot of customers they just don’t understand that you can’t just throw a website up and people aren’t going to come. You have to do a lot of work to actually make a website work so the customers are happier.

Phil Singleton:  That’s the biggest problem don’t you think?

Lindsey Anderson:  Yeah.

Phil Singleton:  That people just think they’re going to-

Lindsey Anderson:  That’s a huge problem.

Phil Singleton:  Right so if you’re going to say how you’re actually your businesses or businesses are making money in terms of digital marketing, is it courses still websites, some development? Are you doing digital engagements? Is it coaching? What’s the pie look like?

Lindsey Anderson:  I do a little, honestly our bread and butter is creating websites, custom applications and then our biggest chunk comes from online marketing campaigns. If you’re a chiropractor and you’re ready to buckle down and get serious about generating traffic and leads for your website and creating email sequences, videos and just creating this nice funnel of people that you can use forever and ever. That’s what we do and we increase an SEO, run some PPC so generate traffic and all of those ways. We just wrap it up and take care of it for you and present to you your traffic and leads, your clients.

….web designers don’t realize that they hold the keys to the kingdom.

– Phil Singleton

Phil Singleton:  I love it because that’s really what our secret is too. I think a lot of web designers don’t realize that they have the keys to the kingdom. They still do these one-off web design only projects. They try to compete on price on websites. Then look at this one chance to get in there whereas if they pitch SEO-friendly web design as a marketing platform you can actually position yourself like you are and like we are too to be their marketing partner and actually help the thing make money instead of just being a digital brochure style type thing, which I think what a lot of people still pick. It’s certainly the way it’s still promoted on TV and through the Wix, Weebly, SquareSpace and GoDaddy’s of the world, right?

Lindsey Anderson: I know and there is a place for those, for the people that are bootstrapping and stuff like that but honestly if you want to make money for your business you have to invest in and you’re ready to do online marketing you got to invest in it. You got to go all out and go in on it.

Phil Singleton:  I hope small business are listening to that and that sinks in and even web designers, too. I know how these folks still don’t realize that they could really have two or three times the business if they thought about being online.

Lindsey Anderson:  I don’t know about you and I just got off a call with a guy who was like, “I feel like I have to go find a Facebook person and an AdWords person and a SEO person and I don’t know how all those fit together.” Then he’s not even thinking about email sequences or anything like that. I know that you’re not supposed to be the master of everything but honesty I’ve run this business for 12 years. I have expert professionals and all of those things. I personally know quite a bit about all of those topics although I have people, heads of my departments to execute on them but that’s our strength is that you don’t have to know if you should put your business into SEO or PPC. We’ll come up with a six-month plan and whatever that looks like to generate traffic and leads for your specific business, for your specific demographic.

Phil Singleton:  Love it….so I really appreciate that because it just reinforces some of the stuff that we’ve doing and how it works. It sounds like how you guys are doing.

Lindsey Anderson: That’s what we’re doing.

How to Turn Podcast Guests into Clients

Phil Singleton:  Let’s dive into the local podcast that you have, when you started it, why you started it and how it works today.

Lindsey Anderson:  Like I said I have a bit of a … I don’t know I just like to be the best at wherever I’m at and so while I do get a ton of leads and clients all over the world, I just wanted to be like the most well-known online marketer here in the Portland area because my husband and I we basically threw a dart in the map and said, “Okay, let’s move to Portland” so we moved to Portland and it didn’t affect the business because we’re all remote.

I don’t care at all if anyone else listens to that. It’s my way of being able to contact business owners and for them to talk to me.

– One-Click Lindsey Anderson

We arrive in Portland and I decide to start the PDX Small Business Network Podcast and essentially Phil I don’t care at all if anyone else listens to that. It’s my way of being able to contact business owners and for them to talk to me. I’ll just give you this perfect example. I just went to a networking event and it was my first network at this specific networking event. It was called “Women with Moxy.” I’m sure you would have been welcomed with open arms, Phil. So I go and there’s probably 40 or 50 women there and I forgot a secret and I’ll tell you what the secret was.

When I was first introducing myself to people, I’ll be like, “Hey,” and you do the, “What do you do?” “Well, what do you?” I’m like, “I’m an online marketer,” and my name and my company is Traffic and Leads. You can just see them zone out like, “Okay, everyone’s an online marketer” or “I can’t afford that,” or “Whatever.” Halfway through you just know-

Phil Singleton:  You ever get an eye-roll? I think online marketing is better than if you say SEO any more. Oh, yeah.

Lindsey Anderson:   Or web developer, it’s like, “Oh, gosh. Here we go.” So halfway, you know and they were friendly but you can just tell. No one asked for my business card or whatever. Half way through the night I’m like, “I got to reevaluate what I’m doing here.” For the next half of the night I literally they be like, “Well, what do you do?” “Well, I run the PDX Small Business Network Podcast where I interview small business owners in the Portland area,” and I gave away all my business cards because of that.

Now, all these ladies and I literally have five emails from ladies from a networking event who want to be interviewed. Now, I can have this one on one conversation with literal business owners in the area and we talk and highlight their business for 20 minutes and then I publish it in a very professional way. I share on my social media and in my follow up email I’m basically like, “And also I would really love to share with you or we can help you with your online marketing or whatever,” in an email follow up sequence to this but they get so much [crosstalk 00:10:09].

Phil Singleton:  So you invite them as a guest, right?

Lindsey Anderson:  Yes.

Phil Singleton:   Because they’re on and get that. Then afterwards you got so how far afterwards do you say, “By the way do we do this” or … ?

This is my super secret. I’ll whisper it to you so 90% of small business owners don’t have a Facebook pixel installed on their website….

– One-Click Lindsey Anderson

Lindsey Anderson:  Well, usually they green room talk. This is my super secret. I’ll whisper it to you so 90% of small business owners don’t have a Facebook pixel installed on their website. That’s a really easy way of showing that you’re a professional and you know what you’re doing so at the end there is some green room talk where we’re just chatting, not recording. I usually will be like, “Oh, there’s just one small thing I noticed,” because they’ll of course ask what I do and why I’m doing this podcast. I’ll be like, “And I noticed you don’t have this Facebook Pixel installed. You should totally get your web developer to do that, da-da-da-da-,” which just makes me look like the expert, makes me look like I’m trying to help them and it’s super easy and easy to explain.

Phil Singleton: You look at the source code just for the thing or how do you look at the page?

Lindsey Anderson: I use the Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome extension. Super easy and there’s like, “Oh, she knows what she’s doing.” Honestly, just a follow up email of, “Hey, here’s my calendar. I’d love to talk to you specifically about your business.” Honestly, it works like a charm. Not only that-

Phil Singleton:  So honestly getting the people on works and you’re able to convert some of them into clients obviously like what you’ve done.

Lindsey Anderson:  A hundred percent, 100% can convert some into clients and not only that is once a quarter and I just started this last year. Once a quarter, I’ll also host a free event where I talk about either Facebook marketing or SEO or whatever topic. The last one I did was Facebook Marketing for Beginners. All of the people I interviewed, I just sent them an email and said, “Hey, you should totally join me in my event.” I very easily filled up an event with 40 people.

Phil Singleton: Awesome and what you’re doing all the same stuff even locally I mean you’re putting up, you’re doing show notes, you’re giving them it’s all about them, they get a nice little graphic on there for sharing on social media, right?

Lindsey Anderson:  Yes.

Phil Singleton:  So you’re leveraging there are audience are getting through that.

Lindsey Anderson: Exactly.

Phil Singleton:  Just getting access to that-

Lindsey Anderson:  So they’ll share it in their … Yes. They share it in their newsletters if they have them. Typically, they don’t as you know but they’ll also they definitely share on social media all the time. It just works really well.

Phil Singleton:   That’s so awesome. Then how about outreach force, you have somebody doing it send emails to people? Is it phone calls? What’s the way that you actually get local guests?

Lindsey Anderson:  The best way that I have found, so there’s two ways and both work actually pretty decently. The first way is when I got to these networking events it’s so easy to find people or you have these little pockets of business owners for your area. In Portland, there’s like six or seven different small business owners groups in Portland online, on Facebook groups. I’ll get into those groups and then I’ll PM the admin and say, “Is it okay if I post this?” You don’t want to be spammy and post it without their permission. Every single time I’ve asked they’ll be like, “That’s a really great opportunity for everyone in here. Absolutely post it.” They will just flood in on those.

Then the second way that I do it is I found some website and it just listed a crap ton of Portland business owners’ businesses. It was a lot so I have an overseas contractor for $10 an hour, find an email address and send it out. You would be amazed at how many people respond to that. Just cold emailing to be on a podcast.

Phil Singleton:  Awesome then what is that email look like? Does that go on the show or some people have been on it? How do you , what … ?

Lindsey Anderson:  Let’s see. I will tell you. It basically says, “Hey, I’m Lindsey from Portland. I’m actually going to pull it up”. I try to keep it very friendly and this is a Portland only podcast and you would be a great addition. I think it’s really important to keep it local like you’re a real person just earnestly reaching out to someone. Whatever you’d say to a small business owner that you really wanted on your podcast, put that on your form email.

Phil Singleton:   Right and you get pretty good response off of that?

Lindsey Anderson:  Yeah, my subject is PDX Podcast- A quick question is the name. Oh, this is what else. Would you consider being a guest for my show? I include a link to the show and then I state three benefits of being on the show. On the show you’ll be featured on all my social media channels. You will have a great interview about you and your small business. You can share so people can get to know you and three, during this interview you will be able to tell the listeners about how you can help them and how they can get in touch with you. I hope you would consider being on the show. I look forward to hearing back from you. Pretty simple.

Phil Singleton:  That’s awesome. Some of the people they think it’s a lot harder than it is basically like a phone call.

…honestly most of these small business owners struggle with tech and I really wanted it to be as simple as possible.

– One-Click Lindsey Anderson

Lindsey Anderson:   Yeah, and that’s the other thing. In the email I’m like, “It’s a simple 20 minute interview via the phone.” I make that very clear. You don’t have to do it in person. It’s just super simple. We talked about this previously, is that first I was trying to get people to go on Zencastr, which is a professional podcasting recording situation but honestly most of these small business owners struggle with tech and I really wanted it to be as simple as possible. Literally, we’ll do Zoom.

I’m not going to be a sound quality snob at all and you just send them their phone number at the beginning of the day and say I have a form email that goes out when they submit, when they get on my calendar. Then basically it’s just, “Okay, great. On the morning of the interview I will send you this information and we’ll just meet up on the phone.”

Phil Singleton:  Do you ever get any that actually connect with Zoom or do you just literally say, “Just call this phone number,” where you just record the phone call?

Lindsey Anderson:  I just give them the phone number because they just struggle with tech.

Phil Singleton:  That’s the easiest right. Yeah, that’s what I figure so that’s really smart because I’m on Zoom and we’re on Zoom right now. I think it’s great and easy to use but yeah. I think for some of the times and this is again I haven’t really started. You’re like the fifth or sixth guest that we’ve had. Most of them have been marketing experts of some niche area. I’ve had one a couple local business leaders but the one’s that are here doing it are in tech so it’s really easy for them, right?

Lindsey Anderson:   Yes.

Phil Singleton:  I figured

Lindsey Anderson:   That most of them will struggle with anything outside of a phone number.

Phil Singleton:   Awesome so that’s the way you do it. Yours is the same. Let me ask you this then so you’re obviously a hired gun digital marketer. You know how to do all this kind of stuff. Is there any and I can see from the way that you’re doing it that this is an absolute no-brainer because a lot of this outbound marketing stuff just does not work. I actually hired somebody, great person for three months to try and do some old school just cold calling. I think 30, 50 phone calls a day doing networking events and that kind of stuff. We got one or two meetings off of it. Three months and I was paying weekly out of pocket in addition to some commission, which I never had to pay but it’s just really, really hard. We were doing all sorts of things to call. Just direct call, try to get someone over the phone. No. It’s a much easier pitch when the give is really big.

Lindsey Anderson:  When the give is big and then you have that relationship of trust and so they are like, “Oh, I know Lindsey is an online marketer.” So she’ll tell her friends or when it’s time to online market they’ll come back to you because they remember the interview, they remember what you do. Then also at the beginning of my podcast because it does just highlight small business owners in Portland, I’ll always do a marketing minute and a commercial for myself at the beginning. I’m just straight up, got to pay the bills. Here’s a commercial. Now, let’s get into the interview.

Phil Singleton:  That piece of it so it’s for digital marketers like we are, that we want to build up an audience nationally but also locally like what you’re doing, which I love. Do you think this kind of podcasting access thing can work for your local advanced business? Because again a lot of them aren’t going to do this because there’s like, “I can’t even … I got to make a phone call.” I talked to one of my lawyer clients the other day and he’s down with the idea. I told him all the things you get from it so easy, right? Access, free blog post, leveraging other people’s social media. Don’t be scared of the technology. It’s really easy once you do it once or twice I would think.

Lindsey Anderson:  Don’t be scared of it-

Phil Singleton:  I’m hoping-

Lindsey Anderson:  Yeah, don’t be scared of the technology. This is a really great strategy that anyone can benefit and it’s what you need to focus on is you want to interview the key is to interview your demographic. It’s a way of interviewing your core demographic and again who cares about podcast stats? Who cares?

Phil Singleton:  Your ads working for it. How many episodes are you on PDX?

Lindsey Anderson:  Oh, gosh.

Phil Singleton:  Dozen tons or scores?

…honestly I have so many that I’ve recorded and are in the queue. I had to stop interviewing because so many people want to be on the podcast.

– One Click-Lindsey Anderson

Lindsey Anderson: I started it mid-July but honestly I have so many that I’ve recorded and are in the queue. I had to stop interviewing because so many people want to be on the podcast.

Phil Singleton:  That’s so awesome and so you do once a week on that one or … ?

Lindsey Anderson:  Yes, I do once a week.

Phil Singleton:  It’s a no-brainer. It’s not like some people you do podcast for a while and say, “This ain’t working so I’m going to stop it.” I mean it’s actually a no-brainer for you, right?

Lindsey Anderson:           Yeah, especially if you’re not scared to sell. Definitely, I would say because I run two podcasts, Traffic and Leads Podcast has way more listeners. I’ve been doing that for two plus years. I do that a lot to keep in contact with industry leaders. I do get clients off of that one but I get way more clients off the PDX podcast.

Niche Lead Generation Tips for Chiropractors

Phil Singleton:  That awesome all right let’s switch gears really quickly and I like to talk each one of these shows that we’re having we like to try and zero in on a niche at first just to see what stuff’s working for people on a local level within a niche and then after that if there’s any lessons we can learn for any small business you can learn from what the chiropractors are doing. Again, I just kind of gave it away because we were talking before the show, which niche can we focus on you mentioned chiropractors might be a good one to talk about so I’ll take it from there.

Lindsey Anderson:  Yeah, for some reason I do have a fair amount of chiropractor clients and it’s always my go-to example when someone’s asking me for online marketing so the chiropractors. My favorite little thing that we’re doing for chiropractors right now is a nice mix of PPC and Facebook ads marketing.

We go into AdWords and we find some really inexpensive long tail keywords to bid. Basically, we send people to a landing page….the landing page is pixeled with a Facebook pixel….and we run an offer for a $50 exam, x-ray and consult in the office….

– One-Click Lindsey Anderson

What we’re doing is we are finding some really inexpensive keywords for of course the chiropractor’s local so brick and mortar local. We go into AdWords and we find some really inexpensive long tail keywords to bid. Basically, we send people to a landing page and we don’t ask them for their email or anything but on this landing page is essentially four or five videos about how to ease your back pain on your own. Again they don’t have to opt in or anything. They’re just getting literal value from this landing page. The landing page is pixeled with a Facebook pixel. Then after, we pay for that traffic to go from pay per click, which makes a really hot topic because they’re in our area because we geo-targeted them through PPC and we know that they have back pain or neck pain or whatever that may be because they’ve googled it. I’ll get into something else but we know they’re hot, right?

Now, we’ve pixeled them so we turn around on Facebook and we run an offer for a $50 exam, x-ray and consult in the office because we know they’re hot. That brings our Facebook ad cost down considerably because these are hot people and it’s not like we’re trying to target to a huge area. A campaign like that is working pretty well.

Phil Singleton:  What’s the ad look like?

Lindsey Anderson:  That make sense?

Phil Singleton: Is it an ad that runs to a landing page on the website or what’s it look like on Facebook? What variety of advertise-

Lindsey Anderson: Oh, it’s just regular ad that actually does … The ad is $50 consult x-ray and exam. Click here. They go to a new landing page where they do have to fill out their name, their email. Let’s see first name, email and phone and then basically we make it real clear within the email and on that page that then they’ll get a scheduling link.

Phil Singleton:  So the ad clicks off onto a page on back onto their website?

Lindsey Anderson:  Yes.

Phil Singleton:  Nice and what before you even get that say a chiropractor’s listening to this right now so that sounds awesome. We want to start doing this. Are you looking at their website first? Is there redesign talks? Are you on … I mean do you just do this stuff with what they have or … ?

Lindsey Anderson: Well, yeah because all of this, all of the strategy I just talked to you about has nothing to do with their website. Basically, the landing page can be a ClickFunnels or whatever else it can even be an our ClickFunnels although I don’t recommend that but it can be if you don’t want to spend money on that. We create an in click funnel that has nothing to do with their website. The PPC has nothing to do with their website. The Facebook ad of course has to do a little bit with their Facebook page but then even that final landing page that we send them to has nothing to do with their website.

Phil Singleton:  Those engagement things you do for a certain period of time or are they just be trying to get somebody in your clients on monthly on that, they stay with you and how does that … ?

Lindsey Anderson:  Yeah, so it’s a really big upfront fee so about $1500 to set it up and basically it’s ad spend and they can take it from there so yeah, it’s not really even monthly although we end up for most of our clients that we run something like that for we end up doing some SEO and other things for them.

Phil Singleton:  You end up setting up once for a one time fee and that’s up for everybody.

Lindsey Anderson:  They don’t really need us. They can turn that ad off and on whenever they want.

Phil Singleton:  Then for you it’s a way to get in there and say, “Oh, we do all these other things too and maybe a web design’s enough-

Lindsey Anderson:  Yes, and it’s a good $1500 too, right? So why not? I just wanted to describe to the audience that it’s more powerful than just running a Facebook ad because when you’re running a Facebook ad locally, you’re running that to this whole audience of people that may or may not have back pain and so you’re “wasting some add dollars” because you’re not able to really target people who have this kind of pain. Where if we know someone has searched back pain Minnesota or back pain Portland, Oregon and we pixel them. We know exactly that they’ve searched for that and they’re hot.

Phil Singleton:  That’s great and it’s something like this is I think it’s pretty obvious that this can be used for different types of businesses right?

Lindsey Anderson: For anything, anything at all. Yeah.

Phil Singleton: The idea is zero in long tail keywords, use AdWords, get people while they’re hot, pixel them from the website and then follow them on Facebook. It’s got to be I guess a good compelling offer while they’re hot, right?

Lindsey Anderson:  It does. It does have to be a good compelling offer.

Phil Singleton: Then draw them in and that can be used for any small business. That’s awesome and you know $1500 it’s an investment but in the grand scheme of what things are out there and people start to look at marketing, local marketing that’s a very I think reasonable investment because certainly there’s a lot of other people that offer local marketings for a lot more with probably less results.

Lindsey Anderson:  Yeah and that doesn’t include ad spend nor does it include you guys have to do the videos.

Phil Singleton: What do you think a good ad spend is for a city like Portland I mean for a small business, $1000, $2000, $500 a month? Obviously you got to spend something to get some people I think try to start off so little it’s hard to see if that’s enough to-

Lindsey Anderson:  Yeah, you can’t even get any decent analytics from a small budget. I would say I wold like to see someone go in between a thousand and $1500 in ad spend as well. Your Facebook ad spend is like nothing. It’ll be a couple hundred bucks.

Phil Singleton:  Wow so then yeah so AdWords is where you eat that most of that stuff up so that’s got to be really set up right and targeted.

Lindsey Anderson:  Yes and don’t just have any old person set up your AdWords because there’s just so much to know there but that’s a topic for another day.

Phil Singleton:  We will save it for another day but I will give one example on one I’ve got. I had a lawyer that would spend $6,000 a month on Employment Law and we went in there. He did it himself…

Lindsey Anderson: He did it himself?

Phil Singleton: Yes he tried to setup AdWords on his own, so I mean $4000 of it a month was going to just junk clicks.

Lindsey Anderson:  Was he getting any leads?

Phil Singleton: He was getting some but I was like, “Look dude. You got to have somebody do this because I could drastically reduce your spend, increase your leads and pay for SEO and content marketing for less that your current AdWords spend.

Lindsey Anderson:  Imagine what he would do with an optimized PPC campaign? Oh, my gosh.

Phil Singleton: Oh, my … Luckily we did. We went in there and optimized it for him. Paid for his SEO and content marketing.

Lindsey Anderson:  Yeah, usually.

Phil Singleton:  Used his PPC and saved him some money so now he’s more like $4,000 a month to save him to things he’s getting a lot more stuff leads out of it. Just what you said, you can’t go in the AdWords and some of the stuff is getting so I think complex and it’s changing a lot.

Lindsey Anderson:  It’s so expensive and complicated. Yeah.

Phil Singleton: That is where I think you’re going to get the most bang for your buck right is just stew on in there and getting an expert that knows how to set these up like you do because if you take a chiropractor that’s going to go in there and just try and learn AdWords on his own and set it up. They’re going to get frustrated, thinking like this doesn’t work. It’s a rip off. Well, it’s not if you go in there and do it yourself and leave it at the default settings and they’ll zero in and try to optimize it with the long tail keywords and things that you’re doing.

Lindsey Anderson:  There’s so much to know like negative keywords and types of bidding and phone numbers. There is just so much to know.

Phil Singleton:  That’s a ton of value that you’re giving for that program for the local business.

Lindsey Anderson:  Yes because we’re setting up a PPC campaign for you. Yes.

Phil Singleton:  Big time well this has been awesome, tons of gold nuggets all over the place and I’m actually going to be listening to this one again myself to see if I can steal some more ideas from you.

Lindsey Anderson:  Awesome.

Phil Singleton:  I really appreciate having you on the show. I’d love for you to explain or maybe tell us how people can reach you or what things have you got going on and we’ll make sure those are covered in the show notes. Fire.

Lindsey Anderson:  Awesome so you already gave me the ability to do my plug so we’re Traffic and Leads. We specialize in basically setting up those funnels and the traffic that’s coming from Facebook ads, or PPC or SEO like a nice mix of all of them in some cases but you can come to us and we’ll actually tell you where you’ll get the best bang for your buck. You can find us at trafficandleads.com, my podcast is trafficandleadspodcast.com so that’s where I interview latest, greatest upcoming professionals on traffic and leads generation and then my personal blog is oneclicklindsey.com.

Phil Singleton:  Awesome and any particular social platform that you’re more active or you kind of work them all?

Lindsey Anderson: Oh, I’m a huge Facebooker so trying to do the Instagram thing a little bit more but definitely I’m a huge Facebooker. Oh, also may I do one more thing?

Phil Singleton:  Yes.

Lindsey Anderson:   If you go to theclicktechnique.com that is you put your email in there and basically that’s a five-day crash course and access to a private Facebook group that will help you build a strong online marketing foundation. It gives you all of my secrets where we, on how we build a strong foundation for our clients with online marketing.

Phil Singleton:  Is that a free program, paid program, how’s does it work?

Lindsey Anderson:  Yes, free.

Phil Singleton:  Free program. Nice! Who’s not going to take advantage of that?

Lindsey AndersonTheClickTechnique.com.

Phil Singleton: We got it.

Lindsey Anderson:  All right.

Phil Singleton:   Thank you so much.

Lindsey Anderson:  My pleasure.

Phil Singleton:  All right, talk to you later.