Kansas City Web Design® is an Internet marketing services firm located in Kansas City.  Our expertise in organic search engine optimization enables us to be exceptionally effective in PPC campaign management.  We can deliver a higher return on investment than another other PPC Ad Agency in Kansas City.

There should be no question that organic SEO delivers the highest ROI of any form or online marketing – in fact, we feel that SEO delivers the highest marketing ROI in the history of capitalism.  Yet, organic SEO efforts can and should be supplemented with PPC advertising.  Our firm has very strong organic search engine visibility, yet we also participate in PPC ads (if you are reading this page, you already know this).  Why do we pay for PPC ads?  Pay-per-click great way to supplement organic SEO, and when implemented correctly, can also deliver a great return on investment.

We create and manage pay-per-click marketing campaigns for businesses of all sizes.  As leading Kansas City PPC professionals, we create highly customized PPC plans that are powered by our market-leading Kansas City SEO® methodologies (get a one-click instant SEO analysis of your current website right now: SEO report).

While most of the high priced advertising agencies charge anywhere from 10%-20% of your PPC budget as fees, we offer all of our SEO clients PPC management free of charge!

We also offer fixed priced PPC management fees based on the complexity of your custom campaign. In general though, we find that many KC PPC agencies trump up the “customization” of PPC campaigns as a way to inflate fees.  We use organic SEO principles and ongoing conversion rate analysis to refine strategies and maximize your ROI.

We have seen countless local agency PPC campaigns that have over-spent on useless clicks.  In every case where we have gained a new PPC client from a previously ad agency, we have vastly improved our client’s ROI.

Contact us today.  We will give you a free consultation on your exiting pay-per-click campaign.  Let Kansas City’s leading search engine optimization company review your current campaign and provide an honest assessment of your PPC campaigns.