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Their Story

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Their Company

The Purple Guys is a managed services and IT support company in Kansas City that serves SMEs.  The company was started in 2001 and sold to a private equity firm in 2022 with the goal of taking the Purple Guys brand nationally through acquisitions.

Their Pain Points

Owner & Founder Jon Schram had hired 5 difference marketing agencies over the years, but failed to find one that could generate a return on investment and growth potential that he knew The Purple Guys was capable of.  Specifically, he struggled with SEO and Google Ads pay-per-click management, as well as content marketing strategy.

Their Goals

The goal for The Purple Guys was to complete their transition from an outbound sales driven company to an organic lead generation model.  Specifically,  Jon wanted his sales team to stop pounding the pavement and cold calling and start getting more inbound phone call inquiries and RFPs from The Purple Guys website.


The Consultation

The Purple Guys founder was familiar with our agency and had attended business events where we presented workshops on the topics of search engine optimization and organic lead generation.  

Jon Schram was already a successful marketer and brand builder in his own right, so he knew enough about digital marketing, particularly Google Ads and SEO, to get more help beyond what he and his team were capable of in-house.

He also had high expectations on lead generation, growth and return on investment.


The Strategy

Since The Purple Guys was already a very strong B2B brand in Kansas City, we knew this company would be a perfect fit and that we could help this company reach its true growth potential. While The Purple Guys already had all the necessary ingredients for high growth, they lacked the right recipe to maximize leads and marketing investment ROI. In This Phase We Helped:
  • Identify Business Goals
  • Fix Technical SEO problems
  • Create New Content Strategy
  • Integrate Marketing
  • Re-design Website
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The Design &

The Purple Guys came to us with a strong team that included the founder (Jon Schram) as well as an in-house marketing coordinator and a contractor graphic designer. The site’s design was already great and the company had already incorporated many Google E-E-A-T and StoryBrand principles, however some element were missing. Further, the site structure had major SEO issues that are inherent with pre-made WordPress themes and WordPress template platforms.  It this case, the company was using a semi-custom website create by Pronto, which are notoriously rigid and do not perform nearly as well as true custom WordPress websites. In This Phase We Helped:
  • Design a new website
  • Develop a new website
  • Fixed all SEO issues
  • Delete hundreds of useless pages
  • Create new website content
  • Produced video content
  • Integrated digital footprint
  • Complete on-page SEO

The SEO 2.0 Process

Unlike many companies that approach us, The Purple Guys were executing most of the tactics that are required for a success marketing strategy.  The problem was not the ingredients – it was the recipe. Because managed services is a competitive space, it took around 6 to 9 months to start producing minimum results, but by month 12, the campaign was really rolling and there was no looking back!  The phone was ringing with new business leads like never before, and website form lead started to come in regularly and in higher volume. In This Phase We:
  • Created new video
  • Created new blog content
  • Posted to social media
  • Selectively built links
  • Continuously optimized the website
  • Managed Google Search Console
  • Provided ongoing support & updates
  • Managed PPC campaign
  • Generated leads

The Results

As a result of our web strategy, content marketing & SEO, The Purple Guy’s growth exploded!  Not only that, as the company continued to grow in the Midwest region organically and by acquisitions, they were able to make and IMMEDIATE impact in new markets.  From Austin, to Dallas, to Baton Rouge and Indianapolis, The Purple Guys started to get new leads and close new business.  In 2022, The Purple Guys was sold to a national private equity group.

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The Testimonial only regret is not hiring them sooner!

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Jon Schram

The Purple Guys

I have worked with many digital agencies since I started The Purple Guys in 2001.  No agency has ever come close to producing the ROI that the Kansas City Web Design & SEO generated for our business.  The company is unmatched in creativity, service, responsiveness and ability to deliver tangible results in the form of leads and growth. 

Their deliverables in terms of that amount of work they do in relation to the fees they charge makes hiring them an absolute no brainer – it’s like have your own in-house digital marketing agency.  I dare you to find an agency that a combination of deliverables and results at their price point.  SEO, SEM, Video, Blogs, Books, Social Media, Podcasts and more?!

My only regret is not hiring them sooner! 

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