Greenworks Magazine

Britt and Brett Miller, owners of Greenworks, Inc., have made it their life’s passion to produce and distribute a magazine that is unbiased in regards to the aspects of green building, and the products, procedures and services used in building homes that are not only friendlier in terms of the environment, but healthier for families living in those homes.

Beginning in 1989, Britt and Brett created Network Publishing, which published numerous customized publications including The Louisburg Chamber of Commerce magazine, The Raintree Lake Phone Directory, and The Truman Lake Area Vacation Guide. The company’s assets were sold in 1999 and eventually, the brothers formed an affiliation with Sunshine Media, resulting in several more magazine publications. It was during the years of publishing The Builder Architect Magazine that Britt and Brett decided it was time to build a green house – and ultimately fell in love with the ‘green movement.’

Building Greenworks Magazine is a publication dedicated to delivering green solutions and innovative ideas to an audience which includes not only home builders, but new construction real estate professionals and developers as well. Not coincidentally, the magazine is written by experts in these same fields and includes compelling local editorials along with national content that is informative, compelling, and engaging. Advertisers include the above mentioned professionals as well as vendors of building supplies and material suppliers.

Currently, Building Greenworks Magazine is published and distributed to the Kansas City area, but will soon enter the Houston, Dallas, Oklahoma City and Wichita markets as well. Readers can enjoy the magazine either through printed hard copies, or digital editions available online. The company’s motto, “building green works,” seems very fitting to this magazine dedicated to beautiful, elegant – and most importantly – environmentally friendly homes.

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