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Most real estate and construction professionals recognize the power of the Internet in today’s home buying market. Virtually every buyer starts the home purchase process with a search engine query and the majority of all consumer searches (over 75%) start at or via Google-powered searches.

As of this writing, Google is a $250 billion company with the vast majority of the company’s revenues derived from its search engine business. Like it or not, most Internet users believe that Google ranks websites on quality, relevance and merit. In other words, the top organically ranked websites are perceived by consumers as major players, if not the best, in their markets. The top ranked websites get the first click, the first chance to make an impression and the first chance to close a sale. By definition, every SEO lead is a hot lead.
One Kansas City web design and search engine optimization agency continues to leverage its proprietary and creative Internet marketing techniques to help grow KC businesses in this challenging economy. Founder and CEO of Kansas City Website Design, Phil Singleton, has been helping KC companies of all sizes get to the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing with organic SEO.

“Web design isn’t really about web design anymore, it’s about Internet visibility” says Singleton. “Websites that can be easily found have become lead-generating profit centers. If you’re on page 2 of the search engine results, you might as well be on page 2,000. 90% of all people do not go past the first page of search results.

“There is a reason why Google is worth five times more than Facebook,” says Singleton. “You may hear about products and services in your social networks, but the vast majority of consumers will “Google” a product or service to size-up the market, or to get reviews and to see where a recommended company stacks up against the competition. Google drives more purchase decisions than any other company in the history of capitalism.”

The company backs up claims of SEO’s effectiveness with a growing book of Kansas City businesses.
Bob Hamilton of Bob Hamilton Plumbing, HVAC & Rooter services is a believer in Kansas City Web Design.

“We worked with a company on the West Coast for a period of time, but never really achieved any meaningful Google rankings,” says Hamilton. “We were impressed by KCWD’s track record and stellar references. While they stated that meaningful results could take anywhere from 3-6 months, we noticed significant results in just a few weeks.

“Within a few short months we are now on the first page for all business lines, which means many people in need of our services see our company first on searches and call us,” notes Hamilton. “We have many top rankings for competitive keywords and we see progress almost weekly. The fact that we are working with a local Kansas City company is very important to us.”

KCWD’s Singleton says Bob Hamilton Plumbing is a special client because the company is a marketing leader, and understands the importance of its website coming up high on searches when people have a plumbing or HVAC problem.

“All of our clients are trophy clients, but Bob Hamilton is extra special,” admits Singleton. “As the leading plumbing, HVAC and rooter services company in Kansas City, they are savvy marketers and experienced advertisers in this market.

“When a KC market leader gets serious about website visibility, it really underscores how important SEO is for local businesses,” he adds. “Companies that get in early like this can solidify their ranking positions making it harder for the competition to catch up down the road.”
With respect to the Internet, real estate related search volumes have exploded in Kansas City.

Landings Magazine publisher Brett Miller is also a believer: “There are a bunch web design companies that advertise to business owners for do it yourself websites, and for awhile, we used these for the magazines we publish. The thing the ads fail to mention is the part about marketing your site and getting you in front of to those looking for your content. Once we hooked up with KCWD, not only did they create a highly visible site that was better looking and easy to use, now we can run our entire site from a single backend
including being able to add or change content and manage our blog, as well as guest blog posts. We can and do highly recommend Kansas City Website Design.”

Regarding, Singleton says: “We are excited about our partnership with Landings Magazine. Over the next year, we get to show the local Kansas City real estate industry firsthand what can happen when you marry great industry content with strategic SEO and Internet marketing strategies. Like the print version, will become a powerful online tool for real estate agents, home builders, trade contractors and mortgage companies.”

Singleton drives home the point: “Great web design is a commodity. You can and should price shop web design because you can good design from any one of the 700+ local KC web design firms.

“Search engine optimization and SEO-friendly web design is very different,” he stresses. “Compared to the number of designers, there are a relative handful of local SEO firms that can deliver sustainable ranking results.”

Former Fortune-500 spokesman and leading Kansas City media blogger John Landsberg cannot praise Singleton and Kansas City Website Design more.

“Not only has traffic increased for, but the SEO rankings for our PR agency are absolutely phenomenal,” says Landsberg. “We went from almost no Google rankings to now becoming the top-ranked agency in the market for just about any search related to ‘Kansas City PR firms.’”

“The real key is that our phones are ringing now like never before and it is literally driving business to my firm,” Landsberg notes. “Just last week a major bank in another state needed media training in KC. They did a search and were led right to my site. Without KCWD that never would have happened.”

Singleton says working with Bottom Line has been a great partnership.

“John and his media agency were already major players in KC public relations and media communications, but I will say that it has been fun to partner with Bottom Line Communications,” he says.

“They are now outranking agencies that are far bigger regional and national players. SEO services mean you can level the playing field against larger competitors and I love being able to do that for a client.”

Singleton says his work presents challenges, but he is ready to face them head-on.

“SEO is not all rainbows and butterflies,” he says. Google shuffles the deck constantly and sometimes we struggle to jockey back into position. SEO firms like ours have to create new strategies to stay ahead of the algorithm changes to give our clients the best chance at achieving consistently high rankings.

“At the end of the day, our business is not really about web design or even SEO, it’s about helping our clients reduce costs and increase sales by driving customers to them. As long as this continues to be our mission, the business will continue to grow.”