The Little Fig

This was a REALLY fun site to work on an our entire team loved it – and we are so proud of the outcome!

While not our typical client, we have the creative talent in-house to deliver artistic, illustrative style websites that capture the imagination of the intended audience.  Yet, while this website met the creative needs of our beloved client (The Little Fig LLC) it also incorporates our cutting edge Kansas City SEO® website coding and methodologies.  At the end of the day, your website is a business asset and for many business, like The Little Fig Inc, it is a fundamental part of their business.  It must not only look great, but it needs to be easily found and become a profit center in and of itself, so that this company can reach its potential – and keep in mind that this local Kansas City start-up children’s book publishing company is trying to compete in a very competitive national industry.

We are blessed with great clients and we are lucky to consistently get high marks from them.  Here is a review from a client that choose us after meeting with other web design agencies:

 Hi Phil,

My hubby and I met with a few web designers in an attempt to research options the web design businesses could offer. I must say that you are superior in all aspects; your professionalism, your knowledge of your product, the manner in which you explained all of it, giving a flat fee for your services, your references, your marketing strategies and your willingness to assist in my presentation of figures to our banker.

Comparing the other companies to yours was like trying to compare a Ferrari FF to a Ford Fiesta. That said, it is our decision that you would be the best fit for our company’s needs. I will touch base with you after meeting with the bank to schedule a start date.