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Rise, Fall, resurgence: High Prairie's SEO Journey

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Meet Robyn Schmitz, the rockstar founder and owner of High Prairie Outdoors. She’s been changing the game in outdoor living since 2010 and is nationally recognized as a landscaping expert. Based in Kansas City, High Prairie Outdoors is all about creating immersive luxury outdoor experiences by designing, building and maintaining stunning outdoor living environments, landscapes and  gardens for metro area homeowners.

The Power of Positioning & Effective Marketing 

Robyn knew that the landscaping market was a tough nut to crack, but she also knew her business was something special. High Prairie Outdoors isn’t your run-of-the-mill landscaping company; they’re all about high-end outdoor living design and making dreams come true. To get the word out in a way that matched her unique offering, Robyn teamed up with the digital marketing experts at Kansas City Web Design & SEO.

Facing Challenges & Bouncing Back with a Trusted Ally

Sometimes life throws curveballs, and Robyn faced some personal challenges in 2020. Unfortunately, during that time, her web traffic and SEO rankings took a nosedive while she was working with another provider. But you know what they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Robyn reconnected with Kansas City Web Design & SEO to get back on track, and they turned the game around together.

Crushing SEO as Young Guns

Don’t let their youth fool you; High Prairie Outdoors is a force to be reckoned with. They’ve gone head-to-head with the big players in the market and come out on top, dominating local SEO rankings and organic traffic. It’s all thanks to the dynamic duo of KC Web Design & SEO bringing in the leads, and High Prairie Outdoors knocking it out of the park with amazing customer experiences and outstanding results.

Investing Smart in Marketing Magic

Investing in marketing can be a scary for many business owners, but Robyn knows that without a strong lead pipeline, you’re just spinning your wheels. That’s why she believes in putting her money where it counts. By investing in SEO and a killer website, you can build a solid foundation that stands the test of time, without being at the mercy of ever-changing social media algorithms and fickle consumer trends.

The Priceless Value of Peace of Mind

In the end, Robyn can’t say enough about the incredible team at Kansas City Web Design and SEO. In her own words, We’ve been instrumental in the growth of High Prairie Outdoors, giving Robyn the peace of mind that’s worth its weight in gold. Every penny she’s invested in their expertise has paid off big time!


The Consultation

As mentioned above, we already had a relationship with High Prairie and helped Robyn build her first custom website in 2015.  After years of rankings and growth, High Prairie left for another provider in 2021.  It did not work out well.

We met with High Prairie again in 2022 to discuss a new marketing strategy and a plan to regain lost rankings and lead flow, and grow in a slowing economy.


The Strategy

Luckily for High Prairie, our team at KC Web Design & SEO is one of the most experience rescue & recovery agencies in the region.

Every week we get calls from companies and business owners in distress.  Many companies hire branding companies.  In the name of design and aesthetics, they almost always strip out all the SEO equity that was driving the rankings and lead gen.

That’s what happened here.  A self-proclaimed landscaping industry marketing agency took and SEO masterpiece and obliterated the site’s rankings.

Note to businesses: if your site generate leads, you MUST have a plan to preserve your SEO equity lest you will experience and unbelievable amount of pain and stress.

In This Phase We Helped:

  • SEO Crises Management
  • SEO Rankings & Recovery Plan
  • Identify Growth Goals
  • Fix website coding flaws
  • Create New Content Strategy
  • Create new page copy
  • Created blog and blog content
  • Create new videos
  • Re-Integrate Marketing
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The Development &

When High Prairie came back to us for SEO help, they already had a really nice web design, and some great albeit not properly targeted or optimized landing pages or blog posts. 

We re-built and re-coded many of the pages while keeping the look and feel the same.  We also rebuilt all of the main services landing pages.  In short, the site was beautiful on the outside, but broken under the hood.

In This Phase We Helped:

  • Re-coded website
  • Enhanced design
  • Fixed all SEO issues
  • Re-optimized all new content 
  • Create new website content
  • Produced video content
  • Integrated digital footprint
  • Completed on-page SEO

The SEO 2.0 Process

Unlike many companies that approach us, Robyn Schmitz understood marketing and believed in investment in a marketing system and her brand. Implementing our SEO 2.0 marketing system was very easy to do with High Prairie since we had her and her team’s full support.

Luxury outdoor living is a tricky marketing, because many of the tactical components of an outdoor living environment are backyard home improvement projects that home owners in every price range search for.  Deck, pools, patios, outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, landscaping…these are all highly desired services at the individual project level. So, it was really important from a lead generation level to target bigger budget project in the upper mid to high-end segments of the market.

In This Phase We:

  • Laid out a 1-2 year strategy
  • Created new videos
  • Created new blog content
  • Posted to social media
  • Selectively built links
  • Continuously optimized the website
  • Managed Google Search Console
  • Provided ongoing support & updates
  • Managed PPC campaign
  • Generated more & higher quality / targeted leads

The Results

High Prairie Outdoor has the most dominant design-build outdoor living company in Kansas City. Period.

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The Testimonial

...They helped us we needed them the most!

robyn schmitz

Robyn Schmitz

High Prairie Outdoors

In 20210, I founded High Prairie Outdoors, a luxury outdoor living provider serving greater Kansas City homeowners.  When the time came for us to get professional marketing help,  I sought the expertise of Kansas City Web Design & SEO, knowing we needed a powerful online presence to stand out in a competitive landscape.

Previous marketing agencies failed to comprehend our high-end appeal, leading to poor leads and misguided messaging. When personal circumstances in 2020 led us to pause our collaboration with KC Web Design & SEO, our web traffic plummeted, and SEO rankings tanked.

But KC Web Design & SEO was there when we needed them the most, ready to re-engage and help us recover our online rankings and visibility. Their unyielding support and understanding of our specific needs have allowed us to dominate SEO rankings against much older, larger organizations.

As a testament to their exemplary work, we continue to thrive in today’s uncertain economy, thanks to their steadfast commitment and our team’s ability to delight our clients with beautiful results.

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