Investing In Social Media? Start A KC Pinterest Marketing Campaign

Social media has proven to be a critical marketing asset for today’s small businesses. It allows for the opportunity to instantly communicate with a target audience through video animations, up-to-the-minute updates, blog posts, screencasts, captivating images, and other unique forms of content.

While networks like Facebook, Twitter, and now LinkedIn, are definitely go-to sites for internet marketing, Pinterest has emerged as one of the most refreshing and creative platforms to market a business, service, or product online.   Just like other social websites, the actvity from Pinterest is a strong social signal for search engines, in other words, a successful social media marketing campaign will likely boost your search engine optimization rankings as well.

And it’s not just creative niches like arts & crafts, hobbies, and fashion that benefit from Pinterest’s marketing potential. Even financial sector businesses, consulting firms, and online writers can take advantage of Pinterest’s tools.

Kansas City Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is unique because it’s primarily an image-based social network, but users can pin Youtube videos as well. Rather than sharing messages or status updates, users “pin” the content they find interesting. Users can select to pin their images or videos to special boards they’ve created, like “Car Designs Of The Future”, “Seasonal Recipes”, or “Awesome Science Infographics” for example.

Once pinned, these images are shared with the Pinterest community, plus users can opt to share their pins through Facebook, Tumblr, and all their other favorite social media sites. Furthermore pinned images link back to the original source, which encourages new visitors to that particular link.

This is an appealing way to network as it doesn’t require much textual outreach online. Even scoring one new follower is as simple as pinning a few images!

However with so much marketing potential awaiting, it’s important to craft a focused and solid Pinterest marketing campaign to make the very most of the platform.

Quick Pinterest Marketing Tips For Beginners

It’s important to note that social media marketing requires time, high quality content, planning, and a daily commitment. If you’re worried about taking on yet another social media account for you Kansas City business, you should definitely invest in an online social media management tool. These allow you to manage all your accounts from one platform so you don’t miss a beat!

To start, make sure to use your actual business or service name as your user name. This is important because you want your Pinterest page to reflect your brand. To familiarize yourself better, start pinning images you find interesting that are also relevant to your brand’s niche.

Think about what your potential audience would like to see. Look within the KC Pinterest community first to find memorable and high-impact images, such as colorful online posters, typography art, or any other relevant material. This way, you can start building your page while making connections within the community through “re-pinning.”

An important tip to remember is to not over promote yourself right away. Even though it’s tempting to pin an image from your blog or site from the get-go, you should endear yourself to the community by re-pinning fellow users’ images and leaving positive comments. Plus you should definitely browse the web or your favorite relevant sights for more pin-friendly material!

After committing yourself to this routine for a little while, it won’t be long before you can start pinning your own images from your blog, website, or online store. Make sure to include relevant and appealing images in your blog to pin from!

With committed followers onboard, you’ll score a better chance of having your images re-pinned and directing more traffic to your business. And don’t hesitate to expand on your marketing approach. Take advantage of Pinterest’s selling platform or create special boards that introduce you and your staff to the Kansas City Pinterest community!