Capitalizing On Your KC Online Marketing Strategy: 8 Tips For Video Marketing

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Online video marketing can and should be a part of your KC business’ online marketing strategy.  It is hard to imagine a business niche that can’t generate buzz from online videos, as this medium has been used to great effect.  YouTube, in fact, is the world’s second largest search engine.  By using videos on your website, you will extend the length of time people spend on your site.  Embedded YouTube videos have the additional benefit of being found independently on YouTube.  Your YT channel and each video can be search engine optimized to capture Internet searchers in their own right.

But how can you capitalize on this digital strategy that has so much to offer?  Here are seven tips that can help you quickly implement these well-placed items:

  1. Host the video on your own website: Hosting a video on your site (instead of YouTube) will help your site get indexed.  If you can’t do this, opt for Vimeo, as it loads faster than YouTube.  In some cases, using both Vimeo and Youtube can be useful.  On our own site, we host small window videos on YouTube, and larger screen windows at Vimeo.
  2. Create a video sitemap: For SEO, a video sitemap is a great way to leverage videos.  See this instructional video by Google on how to create a video sitemap.
  3. Where should you feature your video on your site? Look at the top of your homepage or a specific box for the video.  You can also opt for the “About” page, and consider creating a video gallery if you are doing multiple videos.  Some of our customers have video pages and video galleries.  You can put embedded videos in your site footer (like an entry video), on all product pages and sometimes even a missing page (ie 404 page).
  4. Add the video to your landing page: Landing pages are excellent for videos.  They can help you get your message across with minimal time/effort from the visitor.
  5. Include video image and link everywhere: From newsletters to e-news, you can put play buttons for your video for readers.  You can also include hyperlinks in pdf to get your video out there.
  6. Email signature: This is a hidden gem – put a video in your email signature.  A quick request to view a video with the hyperlink can make the most of your time in this unique way.  Plus, when an email is forwarded, you have just expanded your audience for the video.
  7. Re-purpose or re-use video content: Recycle your videos to make the most of your efforts.  You can create blogs or use them on guest posts, even, to re-use your messages.
  8. Optimize your video script: many people do not realize that YouTube has the ability to converting the words in your video into a text transcript.  While not 100% perfect, we at Kansas City Web Design feel that the video transcript text is used to rank your video and may indirectly contribute to your website’s organic ranking as well.

Aside from blogging, your Kansas City video marketing strategy may be the most important ways for your to build new content on your website.  Take advantage of these tips to make the most of videos in your digital strategy.