KC iPhone Doctor

Specializing in iPad, iPhone, and iPod repair in the Kansas City area, the Kansas City iPhone Doctor takes care of all issues users of mobile devices may face.  Some of these issues include cracked or broken screens, button malfunctions, and dead batteries. 

Mike ‘Doc’ Weston, owner of Kansas City iPhone Doctor, takes pride in the work he does and has been providing customers in the Kansas City area with quality repair services for four years.  Weston operates in a way that is convenient for his customers; instead of coming to him, ‘Doc’ comes to where the customer is, providing fast, efficient service so that customers are not without their devices for long, typically no longer than an hour.  Those with broken or malfunctioning iPhones, iPads, and iPods are welcome to mail their devices in for repair within 24 hours of arrival.

Weston believes in quality service at an affordable price, and is happy to make “house calls.”  Whether customers in need of his iPhone repair service are at work, home, or prefer to meet him at a local coffee shop, ‘Doc’ is flexible and will repair the customer’s device in person, or take it with him for repairs, returning it to the customer a short time later.  The Kansas City iPhone Doctor has a long list of satisfied customers in the area who trust his expertise and skill.

Kansas City Web Design worked with Weston to design an innovative new website that makes learning more about his services quick and easy.  Mike Weston invites all those in need of quick and reliable iPhone repair service to contact him today – no project is too big or too small!