Kansas City Yellow Pages – Are You Serious?

yellow pages seoThis is meant to be a review for people that use or are considering using Kansas City Yellow Pages, or any other similar print phone directory service that offers similar paid print advertising service in Kansas City.

We often get clients or prospective clients asking us about phone directory advertising – as in should they continue or consider doing it. It still blows us away that business still pay for print advertising in place like the Yellow Pages.

I have gone into prospect meetings with my laptop (of course) and a Yellow Pages directory. I always run a test where I have the client search for a business listing while I search for the same on one of my devices. Can you guess who wins EVERY TIME? With the Internet, you always find and exact targeted list in seconds and you can typically find info on several companies, as well as online reviews, in the same amount of time that it would take you just to find a list of companies in the phone directory. This is a simple but powerful way to show just how outdated phone directory advertising really is – and why people simply do not use print advertising directories any more.

Of course…now their sales staff always try and sell you on their additional Internet marketing and paid advertising on their own websites. But let’s see…do you think more people actually go to yellowpages.com to find local business, or do you think they go to Google.com?

If there is any form of advertising that is almost completely obsolete, it is phone directory advertising. Aside from a small and ever shrinking demographic, phone directories are business fossils. Most of the time, the phone directories go from the mail truck to the front porch to the recycle bin. Just ask anyone.

But hey, YP may still work for some business…as long as you get an acceptable return on investment, you should consider any form of marketing or advertising that works for your business. We can definitely say, however, that a successfully implemented SEO strategy will blow phone directory advertising out of the water… EVERY SINGLE TIME. In fact, most SEO companies can work with a fraction of a phone directory budget and deliver many times more leads.

It’s amazing that people still spend thousands of dollars each month to advertise in the Yellow Page and in similar phone directory advertising. Google reports that 97% of consumers use the Internet to purchase local products and services. Hello?!

Don’t get us wrong. We absolutely LOVE the Yellow Pages. It’s a gold mine of web design and Internet marketing prospects. We can reduce costs and increase leads for every advertiser. It’s one of our main sources of new clients. As more and more people realize the huge expense and minimal return on investment, they seek out help with Internet marketing and search engine optimization.

I will say that one really intriguing newer service by Yellow Page is their “Pay Per Call” program. This is performance based advertising service that places your ad in targeted search results across their multiple media platform such as mobile and search, Internet Yellow pages and free directory assistance. This is a pretty good idea and one we’ve even contemplated for our own business. If we’d consider paying per click, we would definitely consider paying per call…and maybe you should too.