10 Reasons Why I Fell In Love With ASmallOrange Web Hosting and Dumped HostGator

kansas city web hostingMy name is Phil Singleton and I run a boutique Internet marketing and web design company Kansas City. This is an honest feedback from a real customer – we are NOT an affiliate nor do we have any other relationship with ASmallOrange.com other than being a very happy customer.  In the last year, we’ve hosted over 100 new websites on ASO.

Last year was a tough year for me and my previous ‘GoTo’ host of nearly ten years: HostGator. Finally, toward the end of 2013, we ‘broke up’ (but hey, we still have A LOT of client websites and some of our own websites still hosted at HG). After weeks of searching for a new hosting partner – and we researched hard this time around – when we found ASmallOrange, it was pretty much love at first site. And after several months in this relationship, we are more in love than ever. While my web design firm only has a couple dozen clients hosted at ASO so far, we recommend this provider to all new accounts. We still have tons of accounts at our previous hosting provider, but rest assured as those annual hosting packages come up for renewal, we will almost certainly be transitioning everyone to ASO! Here’s why:

1. SSD Hard Drives
You had me at ‘SSD’. How awesome is this? Sure, in the relatively near future SSD hard drives will (or at least should) become a standard mainstream hosting feature. In case you are wondering if you can tell the difference in speed between an SSD and HDD hard-drive, you can!….especially if you build or own a feature rich custom WordPress websites.

2. Tiny Plan Pricing
This was such a great idea. It’s a super awesome plan that is a great solution for small business. This is a great plan for a small business to host a professional (ie WordPress) website with plenty of storage for an active blog. The storage space can be a bit tight for larger WordPress themes or if you plan to host a lot of images, but that speaks to fairness of the plan because if you have a big site or need more than. The name of the plan is quite deceptive because we have a lot of nice WP sites hosted on Tiny plans (example site).

3. Tiny Plan Features
The features on this plan are really well thought out and the ability to addon domains to a micro plan is genius. I just found this out recently having just assumed for months that the base plan(s) would be for single domain accounts. This is the way all hosting should be. The other thing I like about tiny plans is, if I wait 5-10 days between new purchases, my next new Tiny plans get hosted on new or different server. I like this because as an SEO services firm, it nice to have sites spread across different servers with different IPs, especially is we use Tiny plans to create secondary sites for the same client account. By buying budget friendly Tiny plans that can be managed on the same billing account, it’s a great way to get a ‘unieque-ish’ IP for new websites, instead of stacking site in the same account or reseller account.

4. Small Plan & Medium Plans
These are also great plans! Same great features with more storage and bandwidth. We could host own site anywhere including a dedicated server, but we host our own sites with ASO, including our own free online seo analysis app – that should speak volumes about our confidence in this package.

5. Account Management Panel
For a long time, I’ve been frustrated with most hosting companies master billing panels. ASmallOrange has one of the smartest and easiest to use account panels. But as web service provider for many small Midwest businesses, what I really love about ASO is ability and ease to add multiple separate accounts. For many reasons, we do not host multiple accounts in one hosting account and many other web developer do. So, the ability to create and account for separate Tiny and Small hosting account under our master ‘agency’ style billing account is awesome.

6. Less down-time
At this point and time, I can say that my hosting accounts and the separate ASO hosting account we manage on behalf of clients have had virtually no downtime. We did experience an issue with one hosting accounts on one particular server, but it was handled correctly and with adequate communication.

7. Great chat support
Chat support is great; and they actually help. My last host provide was “OK” on this issue, but half the time their support response what to tell my they could not provide support for my issue or try to pass my off to some forum link that I already read. ASO support staff really tries to roll up their sleeves and help when they can.

8. Great malware support
ASO does daily scans on their servers (I asked this question myself) and if they do find malware, they send you and alert and attempt to clean it for you. Further, if you find malware, they will help to scan and clean up. For most small biz site, we recommend a subscription service for malware protection, but atleast . Many other hosting providers leave you ‘hanging in the wind’ on malware issue and simply tell you to ‘contact your developer.” This in another HUGE ASO plus.

9. Ideal small business WordPress hosting solution
In a nutshell, these guys are the best mainstream small business shared hosting solution on the market. The pricing and value are, as of this writing, unbeatable.

10. The Plans I Haven’t Even Used Yet
I love the fact that these guys have the ability to host bigger, higher trafficked websites. I haven’t tried them for any of their bigger plans but will soon I’m sure. Most of our clients are on ASO Tiny & Small plans and a few Mediums, but our clients often have their own servers. Yet, I love the fact that they plans go deeper and I have a GoTo provider for bigger website needs.

11. Bonus: ASO is Green
Yeah this is a top ten list. Consider #11 a bonus – we do. ASO is green, not only is this great for the environment, but it’s a great selling point to our clients. Sure other hosting providers are green, but it’s just another thing to love about ASO.

Many new clients ask us why we like ASO.  This is the blog post we will point them too!  Special note to ASO: please do not become the next Hostgator…remember your roots.