Kansas City SEO Consultants Follow “SEO Ranking Factors”

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search engine landRecently, you started a company blog that gives your take on new products coming in to the marketplace, adding content aimed at educating your customer.

However, your website’s search engine rankings have been anything but encouraging, and you’re most trusted adviser noted that your blog and website content is very one-dimensional:

“You need to start having a conversation with your customers. Engage them and keep them coming back to your blog because they find it interesting. Build on that trust and loyalty”

More importantly, you were encouraged to get help…professional help from people who make their living optimizing web pages and blog content, like the team of kansas city seo consultants at Kansas City Website Design.

SEO and Page Rankings

Good content drives page rankings, and SearchEngineLand.com offers an overview on a host of “SEO Ranking Factors” including:

Words: They really, really do matter and the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, for example, use their algorithms to narrow searches down to select key words—make sure they relate to your business.

Titles: Think ‘book title’ because each web page is using page titles up in the “code” where your URL resides; in essence, they work to summarize the pages.

Links between websites: You can’t trick the search engines into ranking your page just because you’ve thrown in gobs of “bogus” links that you’ve purchased, for example, which lead back to your website. Make sure webpages are linking out to other other sites with relevant content from trustworthy websites, ones that build credibility for high page rankings.

Reputation: Again, it’s about building trust with “fresh content.”  If you use links from “quality or trusted” sites, then the search engines will most likely give your site the nod.  You are trying to find a balance and add these naturally and where they add value to your content, the page and your website.

Contact us and let our team of SEO professionals get to know your company and customer base; then, we’ll collaborate with you in developing the right SEO strategy for your blog and website.