Bottom Line Communications

Founded in 1996, Bottom Line Communications had been serving its clients’ public relations needs for years with what Principal John Landsberg referred to as “a Web site that looked like it had been around since before the Internet was created.”

“I had good content on it, but to have a successful site there are many other factors that come into play,” he says.

Landsberg had been using a standard “template” site for his business that had been provided by the company that had provided his company’s domain name. He knew it was bad, but had hired an inexperienced site designer at one time, and the results were disastrous.

“I had heard about Kansas City Web Design from social media experts who raved about the work they had performed and decided to contact them,” says Landsberg. “It was the best call I ever made.”

Landsberg says that the Kansas City SEO staffers were able to handle all the backroom “computer stuff” that he readily admits he did not understand. He says they took his site from the Stone Age to the Computer Age within a few weeks.

“The traffic at my site has gone up in the range of 200 to 300 percent,” says Landsberg. “Even more importantly, when people search for our services we are now right at the top of most page rankings.

“Without a doubt, the newly designed site can be credited with a significant increase in our business. Pardon the phrase, but it really has helped our bottom line.”

Customers searching the Internet expect professionalism when they visit a site, notes Landsberg. They expect it to load quickly, attract their attention and be easy to navigate. If it doesn’t do all those things they are gone…forever.

“I know the public relations business and know how to deliver expert PR services to our clients,” says Landsberg. “I am not a Website expert, but the pros at Kansas City Website Design are and that lets me focus on what I do well. I can leave the rest to them and know they will handle my site professionally and efficiently.”

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