WestGlen EyeCare

Drs. Andrea & Eric Beatty of WestGlen EyeCare are leading Kansas City optometrists. Dr. Beatty of comments: “We were very happy with our custom website design, a process that evolved into creating a website presence that is a perfect complement to our new state-of-the art doctor’s office and retail store in Shawnee. The search engine optimization results have been equally impressive. In less than three months we have achieved top and first page rankings for searches related to eye doctors, optometrists and eyeglasses in our target markets.” We look forward to working with WestGlen eyecare to achieve top search engine rankings for consumers searches related to “Kansas City eye doctors”, Shawnee optometrists, Kansas City eyeglasses and Kansas City contact lenses.

WestGlen Eyecare is where customers will find the finest in eyewear, contact lenses and optometry, founded by Dr. Andrea Beatty in 2002. For more than a decade, the doctors have been providing quality eyecare in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. WestGlen Eyecare has become one of Kansas City’s most trusted eyecare centers based primarily on customer referrals.

While quality eyecare is top priority, WestGlen Eyecare also focuses heavily on providing an outstanding selection of eyeglasses and contacts for every need. These are Kansas City optometrists who strongly believe in providing value to the customer in terms of exceptional quality eyecare and eyewear products at an affordable price.

Many customers prefer contact lenses over eyeglasses. WestGlen Eyecare offers soft lenses, and also hard or rigid gas permeable lenses based on individual patients’ needs. Some of the types on contacts offered include toric lenses for those with astigmatism, multifocal lenses in both RGP and soft bifocal lenses, and daily disposable lenses which offer convenience and a minimum of fuss.

Progressive lenses/no-line bifocals, Transitions lenses, polarized sunglasses, bifocal lenses, AR (anti-reflective) coating, Crizal (a “family” of AR coatings), and a new retail eyewear boutique where customers will find all of the latest fashions in sunglasses and prescription eyeglass frames. WestGlen Eyecare offers all of your eyecare needs under one roof. Comprehensive examinations, after hours care, coordination of pre-op and post-op cataract surgery, LASIK pre-op and post-op exams. These are Kansas City eye doctors who truly put the needs and care of the patients first and foremost.