Kansas City Home Builders: BL Rieke Custom Homes

B.L. Rieke Custom homes is Kansas City’s leading custom home builder.   For decades, Rieke has been setting new trends in Kansas City and the Midwest with their popular and innovative home styles.  While almost all home builders in the Kansas City area follow the same “cookie cutter” website style, Rieke broke the mold once again and now has one of the most unique and innovative home builder websites in the country.

Here is what BL Rieke custom homes had to say about working with the KC Web Design team:

B.L. Rieke Custom Homes is a custom home builder in Kansas City, founded in 1989. We are much different than most local home builders that only customize spec homes. Instead, we pride ourselves on building unique, innovative, and top-quality custom homes that are tailor-made for each client’s wants and needs. As such, we wanted a truly unique website that was very different than the cookie cutter home builder websites that are common in our local industry. We did our research thoroughly and found a professional web design agency that not only could deliver on a web design that could match our own creative design standards, but also help us increase our Internet visibility through SEO. Kansas City Web Design created a sleek, sophisticated new web site that has both our social and local community raving about how phenomenal it looks and performs. Better yet, our search engine results for our previous website had us 9 and 10 pages back; in just one month, we jumped to the 2nd and 3rd pages for some key search terms, and already have a few first page results. Everything you see and read about this company is true – they are the real deal. They are by far the best that Kansas City has to offer for web design!

This is a custom WordPress website using our proprietary Kansas City SEO® search engine friendly coding.  This project was another collaboration between Kansas City Web Design® and Loqey Studios, Kansas City’s leading video production company.  This Kansas City home builder website broke new ground in web development as we have now developed a way to create stunning websites with highly interactive features that are search engine friendly.   While anyone can create a great looking website, making them Google friendly is very difficult, which is why we are particularity proud of this design.


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