Internet Marketing: Web Visibility + Search Engine Hits  =  Higher Revenues

As discussed on on our search engine optimization services page, we separate search engine optimization into two components: WITHIN your website and OUTSIDE of your website. For our purposes, Internet Marketing refers to strategies and methodologies that are implemented on other locations throughout the Internet in a way that increases your sites’ web presence as well as contributing to higher organic search engine rankings. Some of the more well-known and proven social media marketing websites include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google Plus (aka Google+).

For example, some targeted and highly relevant guest blog posting with other websites that are in your geographic area and in a related niche may still contribute to higher natural rankings. Search engines such as Google continuously scour the Internet to consume and digest every publicly accessible bit of information about your website. Google has a secret, complex (and ever-changing) mathematical formula or algorithm that takes your sites’ Internal and External website data and then assigns a score to your website. When you have an inbound link from another related website that clicks through to your website, Google will give you algorithm credit or penalty for this link, depending on the quality and relevance to your website. When combined with other SEO & Kansas City Internet Marketing methodologies, ultra-high quality link building will help you soar above your competitors in search engine results.

Kansas City Website Design & SEO uses a number of ethical, proprietary methodologies that make up our SEO “secret sauce”. Some of our search engine optimization and Kansas City Internet Marketing consultants have experience in helping national and international companies achieve top natural search engine rankings for some of the most competitive businesses and keywords in the world. It is Kansas City Web Design’s goal to apply these proven methodologies to small and medium sized businesses in the Kansas City metro area.

CAUTION: some web design and SEO consulting companies use unethical SEO techniques (referred to as “black hat”) that sometimes have temporary ranking improvements, but most often lead to a search engine penalty or can even result in your website being banned from the major search engines.. Having your website banned by a major search engines is devastating. Being banned means that you will still be able to see your site when type in the web address in your browser, but your website will never again appear in any search engine results list(s).  Be especially careful of SEO companies here in the Kansas City area that use aggressive volume-link building techniques such as private blog networks, a link exchange networks, guest blog post spamming, article networks, back-link pyramids and other link schemes prohibited by Google.