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How To Advertise On Top Websites For Pennies On The Dollar

If you are a business owner and you’ve tried to buy online advertising from a big media website in your market, you already know that banner advertising rates for these sites be substantial.

I recently downloaded an online advertising rate card from a top online media website and found that it would cost thousands of dollars just to run a few days worth of banner ads.  Many of our clients have been approached by TV stations and advertising agencies for display advertising services and these fees a marked up to the stratosphere.

Luckily I found a way to bypass the agency tiers a get exposure on sites like CNN.com, The Kansas City Star, The Kansas City Business Journal, USA Today, and many other top tier media sites.  I am talking about the front page (and article pages) – and for pennies on the dollar!

Meet AdWords Display Advertising

I finally got around to testing AdWords display advertising again this year.  With the extensive organic visibility our sites get, and with the limited amount of “traditional” supplemental pay-per-click advertising we do, I never really thought about CPM style online advertising.

In fact, most SEO guys detest advertising.  We think its lazy, old-school marketing.  Inbound marketing ROI beats out outbound marketing at least 10 to 1.

Yet, highly targeted online advertising and remarketing can be an effective hybrid form of inbound marketing, especially if your website is setup to be a marketing funnel and for conversion optimization.  Facebook Pixel retargeting is great, but from the testing we are doing so far, the ROI doesn’t come close to search based remarketing.

Let me distinguish generic display advertising from remarketing:  display advertising is Google AdWords pay-per click graphic adverting feature where you can serve your graphic ads to thousands of online publishers.  Google AdWords remarketing is a form of display advertising where you can serve your ads to people that have already visited your site.  These are the ads that follow you around after you’ve visited a site…or “stalk” you as some would say.

Here are five big benefits of AdWords display advertising:

  1. You can get thousands and thousands of impressions in your target market every day
  2. You can pick your placements (ie websites)
  3. You can get relatively cheap clicks
  4. You can remarket to those clicks after they have visited your site
  5. You pickup followers and subscribers, and can drive people into your marketing funnel

Adwords Banner Advertisting

Here is one big risk:

  1. You can lose your shirt if you don’t set up the campaigns correctly

Get started with 10 to 12 Banner Ads

Don’t skimp on this part.  Create something half-way decent and worthy of the sites you’d like exposure on.

We were really psyched to create some fun ads.  Here is what we came up with:

google adwords remarketing


Silly Google….Tricks Are For Clicks

AdWords is setup for you to overspend at every angle.  Many business owners that try to setup AdWords in-house almost always end up disgusted with PPC advertising because their credit card keeps getting hit with $500 charges, yet the phone doesn’t ring nearly enough to cover the spend.  Then they go sour grapes.

If you are not careful, the the same thing can happen with display ads.

As we setup or initial campaign, and let it run for a few days, we were finding that we were was getting a ton of junk clicks from 3rd tiers sites and beyond.  Such as dating sites and chat sites and an worse.   I was getting pretty frustrated at the number of impressions from low quality publisher sites.

Over the course of three days, I called up AdWords and talked to their support staff.  Each call was over an hour.

This Is Why You Are Reading This Post: Pro Tips To Get Started

  • Setup A Display Campaign
  • Choose your geographic location
  • Select people in your geographic location instead of people interested in your geographic location.
  • If your are getting too many clicks against your budget, refine the audience group by interest
  • Whether you want to start a remarketing campaign now or not, make sure you set one up now.  This is because you need a certain amount of hits or “tags” on your site to qualify for remarketing.  If you start paying for display click, you want those to count toward any remarketing campaign you setup later. You will need to generate and install the remarketing tag code on your website.
  • Change the default cookie from 30 days to (much) longer.  We set ours to 300 days but the maximum in 540 days.  Why?  Our service offerings take more time to digest.  Education is key to our sales process.  And we want to be in front of people that had interest enough to click on our ads (or visit us from other channels like organic SEO, social, email, etc).
  • During the first couple weeks, monitor your clicks and impressions daily and adjust your cost per click budget accordingly.


Get Great Placement & Exposure In 24 Hours Or Less

kanss city star online advertising


For More Info On Google Display Advertising

This video shows you exactly how to add the remarketing tag to your website:



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