Hiring Internet Marketing Consultants in Kansas City

internet marketing kansas cityThe generally accepted definition of Internet marketing (also known as online marketing) is any type of marketing or promotion of products or services over the Internet. The range and elements of the definition may vary. Some Internet marketing consultants will include internet marketing to cover all forms of online marketing, while others (like ours) will separate Internet marketing and organic search engine optimization. Regardless of the definition, most accomplished Internet marketing experts will develop a comprehensive online visibility strategy and will calibrate Internet marketing goals with those of the client company’s traditional & offline marketing efforts.

Internet marketing may include several specific elements such as of PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, online display advertising (via banners and other graphic ads) ecommerce, social media marketing, social bookmarking, affiliate marketing programs, online public relations, video marketing and custom content distribution. Each of these, as part of an overall Internet marketing strategy, work together to give a website its online visibility and presence.

An expert Internet marketing consultant in Kansas City, or anywhere else in the country, should deliver:

1) Increases in Quality traffic: High internet visibility and website traffic alone are not good indicators of a successful online marketing program. An Internet marketing strategy could deliver a very high number of visitors, yet may not result in any quality prospects or sales. In some cases, the best Internet marketing strategies may actually reduce overall traffic but greatly improve targeted traffic. Think about it: would you rather have 1,000 visitors a day that buy nothing, or 100 visitors a day that are likely to buy?

2) High Conversion Rates: A conversion is the website visit that is followed by some form of action, such as initiating a sales transaction or an inquiry. This can be anything from an actual purchase, to a phone call, a trial download, a subscription, a donation or filling out a (lead) form completion. These are essentially the actionable goals you and your Kansas City Internet marketing consultant have set for the website.

3) High Return on Investment: The ultimate end goal of Internet marketing is to increase you company’s sales, via the Internet, with a high return on Investment. Since the Internet is so widely used and impacts so many types of purchase decisions, in most case, Internet marketing and SEO will deliver the highest possible ROI – much higher than any of your offline marketing investments.

Why Kansas City Marketing Internet Consultants?

If your company has a website, but it is not generating any business, then your site is really not a revenue generating asset. These Web 1.0 websites are more like digital brochures. When your website is not generating revenues, it is essentially a low priority. If and when the website goes down or if you webmaster is unreachable, it’s not disruptive to your business and in many case, business owners don’t even notice.

When site with a modern website design achieves high Internet visibility and/or high organize search engine rankings, website downtime can be devastating. Website phone calls stop coming in and email inquiries cease. For this reason, it’s important to “know your Internet marketing consultant.”

Unlike other B2B services, Internet marketing consulting is not a commodity. Your Kansas City Internet marketing consultant will become a long-term, trusted adviser…just like legal counsel, accountants and other types of trusted business consultants. They will become experts in your business and if successful, will know exactly what formula will generate new revenue growth online for your business. The best Internet marketing consulting firm will become you long term “secret weapon”.

For this reason, it’s important to hire local. Meet your Internet marketing expert in person. Get to know them. Treat them as an advisory and partner for your business. Understand that Internet marketing is a long term strategy. Discuss long term goals and how results and performance are subject to fluctuation with search engine algorithm updates, new social media venues and new website technologies.