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Their Company

KC Pier is a basement waterproofing and foundation repair company in Kansas City that serves the residential market.  The company was started in 2015 with one crew and quickly grew to five+ crews by 2022.

Their Pain Points

Owner & Founder Eric Scheele is a multi-business entrepreneur and a web-savvy marketer in his own right. While he was able to successfully launch his foundation repair business as a strategic addition to his other successful businesses, he did so with his own in-house marketing and less-than-optimal lead generation sources such as Home Advisor.  As the business became more successful, their marketing needs grew to be more than Eric and his team were able to do in-house.

Their Goals

The goal for KCPier was to increase quality lead flow to grow the company to it’s true potential.  Eric had already built the team and infrastructure to scale the business and he was ready to take on a much higher volume of quality inbound leads.


The Consultation

KC Pier’s founder was familiar with our agency and had attended business events where we presented workshops on the topics of search engine optimization and organic lead generation.  

Eric Scheele was already a successful multi-business entrepreneur and marketer in his own right, so he knew the basics of online lead generation, particularly lead aggregators like Angie’s List and Home Advisor, to get more help beyond what he and his team were capable of in-house.

In fact, one of his main goals from the very first meeting was more of a plea: “Please get me off Home Advisor”.


The Strategy

Since KC Pier already have a good start in terms of establishing a digital presence and understood the importance of SEO and content marketing, we knew this company would be a perfect fit for us. In fact, over 50% of our clients are in construction and home services, so we know this space well.

While KC Pier already had all the necessary ingredients for high growth, they lacked the right recipe to maximize leads and marketing investment ROI.

In This Phase We Helped:

  • Identify Business Goals
  • Re-design website
  • Create New Content Strategy
  • Create new page copy
  • Created blog and blog content
  • Create new videos
  • Integrate Marketing
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The Design &

When KC Pier came to use for digital marketing help, they had a simple website built on Wix. 

Simple web builders websites like Wix, Weebly, Square Space and Godaddy are great for new businesses getting started, but they don’t have much ranking potential on Google.

So in KC Pier’s case, we rebuilt the entire website from scratch, including a custom design created in Figma, and custom WordPress theme development using the Elementor page builder.

In This Phase We Helped:

  • Design a new website
  • Develop a new website
  • Fixed all SEO issues
  • Delete hundreds of useless pages
  • Create new website content
  • Produced video content
  • Integrated digital footprint
  • Complete on-page SEO

The SEO 2.0 Process

Unlike many companies that approach us, Eric Scheele had a really good handle in terms of tactics and technologies required to grow and win online.  The problem was not the ingredients nor the chef, it was both the recipe and the time and effort of cooking.

Because foundation repair and basement waterproofing are high tech, urgent services (and very competitive online), it took around 6 to 9 months to start producing minimum results, but by month 9 the leads were rolling in!  The phone was ringing with new business leads like never before, and website form leads started to come in with a much higher frequency and volume.

In This Phase We:

  • Created new videos
  • Created new blog content
  • Posted to social media
  • Selectively built links
  • Continuously optimized the website
  • Managed Google Search Console
  • Provided ongoing support & updates
  • Managed PPC campaign
  • Generated more & higher quality leads

The Results

As a result of our web strategy, content marketing & SEO services, KC Pier’s growth exploded!  This is currently the highest ranked foundation repair companies in Kansas City, and one of the fastest growing home services brand in the metro area.

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The Testimonial

...They've kept our lead flow strong & visibility high!

foundation repair digital marketing

Eric Scheele

KC Pier

As President and Founder of KC Pier, I can attest to the stellar service and strategic expertise offered by KC Web Design & SEO.

Their team, from leadership and vision of CEO Phil Singleton to those managing our content & SEO work, is responsive, accessible, and forward-thinking. They keep us visible, relevant, and highly-ranked online, and their quality of work has kept our lead flow strong and our website visibility high.

Their services are not the cheapest, but the investment is well worth it, as it’s led to consistent business growth and a steady flow of high-quality leads for our business.

I would highly recommend KC Web Design and SEO to any business owner looking to maximize their digital presence.

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