common web design mistakes

Common Web Design Mistakes

Every day we get phone calls from Kansas City businesses that feel cheated by web design services.

They invest in a new website and discover well after launch that their new website is not SEO friendly!

They have fallen into the “web design trap” by price shopping for the cheapest form of eye-candy, not realizing that search engine optimization begins at the first line of computer code.

We have another blog post that explains how web design companies commonly promote themselves as the cheapest, lowest cost, or most affordable web design services in town – and how cheap websites can end up costing you thousands.

If your ‘stunning new website’ was hacked together on the back-end, structured poorly, or not organized based on your prospective customers’ search behavior, it will likely never reach its search engine potential.

People often ask what makes our process is so unique and here is part of the answer: we start SEO at the first line of computer code.

Very few graphic designers or web designers have expert-level search engine optimization experience or knowledge.

Applying SEO principles and best-practices coding from the ground-up makes all the difference.

We show prospective clients that there is much more to modern website design than just front-end design – try using our free one-click SEO reporting tool which will give you a glimpse into the structural complexities of SEO friendly web development.

Don’t let this happen to your business:


What are Common Mistakes that Business Owners Make When Hiring Web Designers?


1. Treating SEO as an Add-On Service

Typically, businesses simply ask web design firms if they “do SEO” or can make “SEO ready websites” and all web designers pretty much say the same thing: sure we can! But you’re not ordering or adding SEO like its a side of french fries. It’s NOT an add-on service – it may be the most important element of web design and despite advertising claims, most web design companies do not create SEO ready websites. Why?? Because 99% of all web design professionals are designers – they are not search engine specialists or online marketing professionals, and most of them only know just enough about web development to get a website to work from a functional standpoint. Interior designers do not build houses….if they did, the houses would probably fall down. But on the Internet, a single web designer will often design and build your website, which is why many new “design-driven” websites end up falling down in rank.

2. Falling for the Old “Bait and Switch”

Many web designers in town – as is the case for many types of professional services companies – will pull the old “bait and switch”. In other words, the owner or one of the principals will sell you on web design services, then as soon as you sign on, they pass you off to a student or junior project manager to build your site. In our case, nationally published SEO expert Phil Singleton manages every single one of our clients – meaning he analyzes your business, develops a custom SEO strategy and manages the implementation of this strategy…starting at the design and development phases. Its not our goal to sell a high volume of low-performing websites. We want to have a select book of the highest ranking, best-performing and most profitable client websites in the Midwest.

3. Treating Web Design as an Expense, When It’s Really an Investment

Web design, without online visibility, is a pure business expense. If your business doesn’t need to be found online, then your website should be viewed as an online brochure. And if this is the case, you should consider using a low-cost web designer because front-end web design is a commodity and it should be price shopped. Yet, for virtually every type of business these days, search engine visibility is very important. If search rankings are a priority for your business, you may need to re-think how you view website design and consider treating the selection process as you would for a new capital investment or key employee position.

At the end of the day, despite what you may hear in a great sales pitch, does it really make sense that the cheapest website provider can actually deliver a website with high ranking potential? For SEO web design, you should consider the return on investment. A true SEO friendly website coupled with a powerful ongoing SEO service typically generates a very high ROI. Don’t get burned on your next web design project. Why be penny-wise with a cheap website when you can pound the competition with a high-quality, SEO-driven website?


Don’t Become Our Next Rescue Project

Over 50% of our new clients are rescue projects.

Their website projects have failed for these reasons:

  • They lost SEO rankings and their phone stopped ringing
  • They realized that SEO was not addressed in the design and development of their project
  • They found out that the web design they bought was nothing more than a pre-bought template
  • The web designer or development agency abandoned them after launch and did not stand behind the service

Don’t become our next rescue project.

Call us today and come in for a meeting.

We will show you how we build websites and engineer them to generate leads.


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