Music House School

Muisc House School provides all types of music lessons to all ages of children.  In terms of music lesson classes offered, Music House School provides voice lessons, piano lessons, drum lessons and bass & guitar lessons in Kansas City.  The school, with two locations in Johnson County, also provides summer camps, band workshops, kid classes and young children classes, and group classes.  As their awesome website and customer reviews indicate, this company has outstanding staff, outstanding programs and outstanding facilities. Continue reading “Music House School”

59 National Parks

59 National Parks is essentially a travel website chronicling the adventures of two professionals with advanced degrees, a man and wife from Kansas City who plan to visit 59 national parks in 59 weeks. The purpose of Don and Shelly Hafner’s travels is to help spark interest and awareness in our nation’s parks, and to spark excitement in children as well, to help them understand that living a fulfilled life is about much more than the electronics and technology that have taken over our world today. Continue reading “59 National Parks”

Mission Hill Arts & Fashion Magazine

Once known as Mission Hills Magazine, the new Mission Hills Arts & Fashion Magazine still focuses on arts and fashion but has expanded its distribution and launched a new web portal and expanded website so that readers can enjoy easy access to videos, current issues, archived articles and more. Continue reading “Mission Hill Arts & Fashion Magazine”

Booth Crazy Photo Booths

Booth Crazy Photo Booths is Kansas City’s fastest growing provider of modern photobooth rental services. While some established photobooth rental companies in KC provide old fashioned 2-seater photo booths, Booth Crazy has revolutionized the Kansas City Photo Booth market with their larger photobooths that can accommodate up to 20 PEOPLE per booth! Continue reading “Booth Crazy Photo Booths”