Weather 2020 | Gary Lezak Website Design

It was a great honor to be selected by Gary Lezak to design and rebuild his Weather2020 website.  In Gary’s case, in order to meet a tight deadline, we used a proven WordPress framework and used it to create a fully customized design.

The Kansas City Web Design team had a unique opportunity to not only create a modern design, we were able to work with the Weather2020 team to help create a better user experience than previous version of the website – as well as brainstorm ideas on how to more effectively monetize the offering and website content.

Here is what Mr. Lezak said about working with Kansas City Website Design:

Weather2020 needed a new website design, and we needed to do it right, and on a rather fast time line. KC Web Design had the best online visibility, great references, and the best track record of any other source. Then, we met in person and it was a no-brainer at this point. They listened to our complex project, and they delivered. We now have a great website design that functions how we needed it to, and MOST IMPORTANTLY we are getting great positive feedback from our customers. KC Web Design delivered big time and has had incredible post delivery support helping us put on some finishing touches. It’s no wonder why Kansas City Web Design is Kansas City’s go-to web development agency.

Gary Lezak, Chief Meteorologist & Founder,

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Trade Show Company Website Design | Skyline E3

When Kansas City trade show company, Skyline E3 (formerly known as Skyline Displays Heartland, Inc.) needed a brand new custom website, they came to Kansas City’s WordPress web design experts.

In our initial meetings, the Skyline E3 team told us that other web design agencies could not deliver the level of customization they wanted within the WordPress framework.  Our competitors were wrong.

We delivered a highly customized WordPress website in specs, within budget, and within Skyline’s tight launch deadline.  Here is what CEO Todd Williams had to say about working with Kansas City web design: Continue reading “Trade Show Company Website Design | Skyline E3”

Non-Profit Website Design | All About Autism

Are you a non-profit organization looking for a qualified website design partner?  We are the leading custom WordPress design company in the Mid-West and we work with local companies as well as nationally.  Kansas City Web Design is unique in that we will work with you to understand your non-profit’s goals.

A website is not just a digital brochure, it’s an education and information publishing platform.  You website should be the hub of ALL or your marketing efforts.  There are many aspect of marketing that need to be baked into your website from the start.  Work with us, we can help you develop a website that will raise awareness and help your organization achieve it’s funding goals. Continue reading “Non-Profit Website Design | All About Autism”

Sunrise Advisors | Financial Services Web Design

Sunrise Advisors came to Kansas City Web Design as a rescue project.  Their previous web designer took on the project and after several months of effort, they could not complete the project to this Kansas City financial service firms specification or satisfaction.  The our team stepped in and re-desinged the website from scratch and implemented a custom WordPress mobile friendly website. Continue reading “Sunrise Advisors | Financial Services Web Design”

Chicago Small Business Marketing: Red Stripe Strategy

Red Stripe Strategy is a Chicago-based boutique marketing consulting agency for small and mid-sized businesses. They specialize in helping companies develop and implement an inbound marketing strategy in order to attract, convert, close, and delight customers. Inbound is a marketing strategy that emphasizes creating genuinely helpful, engaging, informative content that helps prospective customers solve problems.

This requires a deep understanding of the type of customers that a company is trying to attract and the questions, concerns and objections of those clients may have. Red Stripe Strategy consultants help clients do this research and develop the buyer personas to encapsulate that information. That information in hand, Red Stripe Strategy manages the process of creating content, conversion paths (calls-to-action, landing pages, etc.), and social media and email marketing. Continue reading “Chicago Small Business Marketing: Red Stripe Strategy”