Why Does Web Design Cost So Much?

web design costsIf you are thinking about building a new website, or re-designing the site you already have, and have stumbled across this blog post…you may be struggling to figure how much a new website may cost. In today’s economy, you should expect to find new web design quotes all over the map, from a few hundred dollars to 5-digits quotes and everything between. But…why do some cost so much? Continue reading “Why Does Web Design Cost So Much?”

Web Design vs. SEO – Finding the Balance

seo web designSearch engine optimization is all about achieving the balance between great website design and SEO best practices. In a Google-free world, you could pretty much design any type of site you want. Since the search engines, however, drive so many purchase decisions, business owners must provide prospective customers what they want to see in order to have a chance to get the sale. At the same time, businesses must also provide the search engines what they need to need to see in order to get organic rankings. Continue reading “Web Design vs. SEO – Finding the Balance”

Top 10 Web Design & SEO Scams in Kansas City 2012

kc seo scamsWe field calls every day from current and prospective clients who have been burned either by SEO, Internet marketing or web design companies. Countless businesses have had their websites hijacked or held for ransom . . . or the web designer has simply vanished. With the rise of Google and the promise of search engine optimization (SEO) riches, many companies have been suckered into SEO and online marketing scams. Businesses are hammered every day by telemarketers and email spam containing web development and Internet marketing offers. Continue reading “Top 10 Web Design & SEO Scams in Kansas City 2012”