Trademarks, Copyright & SEO

seo trademarks(This is not legal advice, just observations and guestimations from an SEO insider.) While 2012 was a historic year for search optimization (read about Google Penguin), there has been just as much activity offline – yet underreported to say the least. In short, Google has taken down more websites and web pages than ever and is not slowing down. Continue reading “Trademarks, Copyright & SEO”

Why Google Loves Your Company’s Blog

seo bloggingCompanies that have a blog tend to reach a much higher level of success online than those that do not. Why? There are several reasons – and perhaps the biggest benefit to your company is the impact that a blog can have on your overall SEO strategy. Considering that today the internet is a highly competitive landscape for virtually every industry, it’s easy to sink to the bottom of the search results if you’re not on top of your game.

If blogging isn’t currently a component of your overall SEO strategy, it should be. Here’s why: Continue reading “Why Google Loves Your Company’s Blog”

Local Business Rainmakers

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Most real estate and construction professionals recognize the power of the Internet in today’s home buying market. Virtually every buyer starts the home purchase process with a search engine query and the majority of all consumer searches (over 75%) start at or via Google-powered searches. Continue reading “Local Business Rainmakers”